photo by Momoko Fritz

Welcome! My name is Miggy and I stay home.  I like to blog about life, special needs, my artwork and the occasional DIY.  I also blog a lot about my family--my husband B, and our three daughters Princess Sparkle Pants (PSP), Lamp and baby Zuzu. (No these are not my children's real names.

My husband and I have been married for over 10 years. We met and courted (if you will) in Provo, Utah and married in Salt Lake City after knowing each other all of 8 months. Two weeks after our wedding we moved in New York City where my husband started dental school and I wondered, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" Let's just say, it was a lot of change at once. One month after we were married my husband announced that he started a blog for us. A what? Like many young newlyweds of our day we were sharing the small snippets of our life that we thought our friends and family would enjoy hearing about. Gradually my husband started blogging less and less, and I started blogging more and more and eventually this blog became my sole endeavor. Little did I know that this blog would become a major source of creativity, stress relief, a place to celebrate, a place to mourn, and especially a place connect. Over the years as we've added 3 girls to our brood, and have moved from New York to Ohio to Texas and back to Ohio I credit this blog and the invention of ice cream for keeping my sanity loosely in place.  

Many of you have come to my blog because of our daughter Lamp who was born with a condition called microgastria and limb reduction complex. You can read more about our journey under Lamp LinksAbout a year after Lamp was born I started a series on my blog called The Special Needs Spotlight where I interview other families who have special needs children and individuals with special needs about their journey. This has definitely become the heart of my blog and I'll be forever grateful for the people who have allowed me to share their stories. 

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