Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Sticks + Bones || Halloween Skeleton Wreath

This Little Miggy || Sticks + Bones Halloween Wreath
I am NOT a wreath person. Sure, I have been known to hang some simple boxwood wreaths at Christmastime because I'm not an animal, but most wreaths are not my jam. Not a judgment on all you wreath lovers, just a personal preference.

But I do love me a good Halloween decoration and when the image for this particular wreath came into my mind and I really wanted to give it a stab. (It's October let me have my fun.) In particular, I wanted there to be skeleton hands tying the ribbon at the top, suggestion that the wreath may have somehow made itself? Ooooooh, spooky. Apparently finding fake skeleton hands that will bend into place is a lot to ask, but I found them and it turned out just like I hoped it would. And listen, it's not the least expensive craft to make, but it's a large wreath that will store well and be a fun decoration for years to come, so in the end I decided it was worth it.

Here's how I did it:
This Little Miggy || Sticks + Bones Halloween Wreath
24" dried grapevine wreath base
black spray paint flat
two bags of large plastic bones
one set of movable skeleton hands (pricey) 
black floral wire
ribbon (I used a burnt orange velvet)
sticks from the yard (these are free!)
glue gun and glue sticks

This Little Miggy || Sticks + Bones Halloween Wreath
(corresponding pic from left to right, top to bottom)

--Spray paint your wreath and sticks black. I used a matte spray paint as I didn't want anything glossy or shiny. I also didn't worry about completely covering every branch and leaf. Leaving some parts of the sticks black and others brown, they look more like they're burnt. Let dry.
--Lay a circle of foundation bones around the wreath. Tie at least one side of each bone down with black floral wire. This will ensure a strong foundation for other pieces that will be hot glued. Stick the ends of the floral wire through the wreath and twist together on the underside.
--Now start layering other bone segments around the wreath until satisfied with the position and hot glue in place.
--Now start layering the sticks around the bones and glue in place. Play with the arrangement a little. The idea is that you want to make it look less like the bones are sitting on top of the wreath and more like they're intertwined together like a very large bird made a nest-like wreath of sticks and bones.
This Little Miggy || Sticks + Bones Halloween Wreath
--The last thing to place are your movable skeleton hands and the ribbon. First shape the hands how you want them to look holding ribbon. Place them at the top of the wreath with the wrist end of the hands covered underneath other bones and sticks. It helps to lean the wreath against the wall and sort of place the hands there at first to make sure you're getting the right effect. Then glue in place.
--Lastly, tie your ribbon around the wreath and into a bow with the ends of the bow in the fingers of the skeleton hands. Twist the ends of the ribbon around on the sides and lightly glue in place if you want I actually didn't glue my ribbon in place, I figure it's OK if leave it lose and put it in place when I want to hang it. I was going to use a thicker ribbon, but this thin ribbon gives it a bit more of a scraggly feel don't you think?

This Little Miggy || Sticks + Bones Halloween Wreath
I love it.
Really it's just a matter of layering and gluing, layering and gluing. It's easy to make and a great statement piece.

Happy October!

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  1. Spooky indeed! You're so creative and talented in many ways. Happy Halloween to you and your cute family.