This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Fall Staple || The Slanket

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Staple || The Slanket

This Little Miggy || Slanket
My favorite purchase from last fall was this enormous sweater pictured above. It's an XS and still so outrageously huge. People compliment me on it often and my go to line is something like, "It's just a wearable blanket really," and then we both chuckle in that way you are forced to chuckle when an acquaintance makes a dumb joke. But that's really what it is--a sweater that's also a blanket, thus a slanket (a term my husband coined.)

These oversized sweater coats (what the layman calls them) are everywhere these days and they really are just as good as they seem. So cozy, so warm and so snuggly. I wear mine when I go out and I wear mine for an evening at home. I rounded up my favorite slankets in a range of prices for you to check out below. Remember these are not just long cardigans. Think chunky, oversized blankets that just happen to have sleeves. Ladies who find themselves in a perpetually cold office or (ahem) church, take note. Also great for Fall enthusiasts everywhere (which should cover the rest of the population). What about you? Are you a fan of the huge, oversized sweater?
This Little Miggy || Slanket