Monday, October 08, 2018

3 Things You Can Do With Your Anger

I'm angry. And also kinda sad.

I'm angry at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. I'm angry at the President for mocking Dr. Ford. I'm angry that people either don't believe her OR if they do believe her, they think it was too long ago to matter. (WHAT?) While I do believe Dr. Christina Blasey-Ford, I don't think you have to believe that she was assaulted to agree that Kavanaugh does not belong on the supreme court. Many other fellow Yale law students have come forward and said Kavanaugh lied under oath about his drinking. (here and here--this one's a Republican!) Psssst, lying under oath is called perjury. The FBI probe ignored testimonies from former classmates of Kavanaugh's at Yale, including one who said he can corroborate Ramierz's claim about her sexual assault at a party.

Of course this doesn't even get into his unhinged, blatent partisan attacks at the hearing. So much so that retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens changed his mind about Kavanaugh and believes he should not be confirmed.

An unprecedented 2,400+ law professors signed a letter saying that Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed.

Again, I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I have always been an Independent. I say this so that you understand there is no party loyalty here, never has been. I have voted for both Republican and Democrat Presidents in the past. It sickens me that something like this gets turned into a partisan issue. It was not a court of law, it was a job interview and in the eyes of most Americans Kavanaugh failed miserably. But of course, he was still confirmed

I am not here to debate you about Brett Kavanaugh today. I watched the hearings, I've read many, many, many, many articles and my conclusion is that he should have not been confirmed. The only reason I link to everything above is to cite my sources.

But I am still angry. Seems like a lot of women are. Here's what we can do about it:

First, REGISTER TO VOTE. It takes less than 2 minutes. You can also double check to make sure you are in fact registered. (Yep!) 

Second, if you need to research the candidates and the issues on the ballot in your area. (I do! I still feel behind when it comes to politics and understanding all of the terminology.) Click on this map to see what the key issues and candidates are in your area. 

Lastly, send a postcard of support to Christina Blasey Ford. I'm planning on doing this. 

Anything I missed? What are you doing to channel your anger? Also, does it make you uncomfortable when I talk about politics? Maybe give this a read. And this


  1. Thank you for these links! I am very angry, and very disheartened, but I'm trying to move forward. EVERYONE needs to vote this November!

    1. Right... just keep moving forward. Time marches on anyway.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Vote, vote, vote! If getting to the polling place is a hassle (as a FT WOHM of two kids with a long commute, I totally get that) request an absentee ballot. Check though for absentee ballot requests deadlines, many are coming right up.

    Thank you, Miggy. I share your thoughts!

    1. Also, I just saw that Uber will drive peole to the polls for FREE on election day!

  3. Thank you for standing up for what is good and right, Miggy. The slimeballery is off the charts with this administration. I have emailed senators Flake, Collins, Manchin, Murkowski, and, of course, being from Colorado, I have emailed our very own Corrupt Cory of Colorado. I emailed them before and after the vote. Murkowski was the only one who put country before party, so I thanked her.

    1. It's been so disheartening hasn't it? I was really hoping Flake would step up, but nope.