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Accessible Dream House || All About Lighting

This Little Miggy || Accessible Dream House Lighting
Over the past 13 years of marriage we've lived in 5 separate homes, 2 of which we've owned. It's only been in our current home that I've ever switched out light fixtures. I wasn't going to invest in lighting for rentals and the one other home that we owned we only lived in for 2 years, so we kept design investments to a minimum.

It's no secret that lighting--both the style and the actual functionality of light--has a huge impact on how a space looks overall. And while I did change out some lighting in our current house, it was still pretty minimal--the dining room lights and the pendants above the island. Of course when we redid our main bathroom we changed the lights there, but other than that I just didn't bother with changing out bedroom lights, entry, or other bathroom fixtures. Even though I knew we wouldn't be here forever, I'm sorta kicking myself for not changing out more lights over the past 4 years--it could have made a huge difference!

But now, for the first time I have the luxury of choosing every light in our new house, and although I was once afraid of decision overload, I now feel #blessed that I got to choose every single fixture in our new house. I don't yet have any lamps, but I do have sconces, flush mounts, pendants and chandeliers from quite a few different sources. This post doesn't have anything to do with accessibility per se (although we will be adding the ability for voice activation to turn on lights), but it's just some pretty, pretty lights that I'm excited to share with you today.
This Little Miggy || Accessible Dream House Lighting
Outdoor lighting: Four different fixtures from four different sources and the only silver toned lights out of all my selections--don't worry, they're in a spot where they are the only lights you see. Also, loved the brass cone shaped light the first time I saw them on Little Green Notebook.  The goosenecks will be above the garages and lastly, while I don't typically love lanterns, I really dug this modern version.
Clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4

This Little Miggy || Accessible Dream House Lighting
Sconces: So. Many. Sconces. The majority of these are for the bathrooms--four in total--but we also have two by our desk area (middle left) and two by the master bed (bottom right). I realize that nearly all my lighting is black, brass or both and I'm cool with that. I have a couple of fixtures made from different materials (concrete, natural fiber and glass) that I think it's cohesive without being too one note. 
Clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6

This Little Miggy || Accessible Dream House Lighting
Chandeliers: I didn't realize how many chandeliers we had until I put this together, but only 3 are in common areas with the others being in the master bedroom (bottom right), studio (top right--bringing this from our current house actually) and the study (middle right)--we figured we needed at least one sputnik style light in our mid century home. The top left is going to be our entry fixture and I love the modern, clean shape. The spider-like arms of the middle left chandelier is going over our dining table. I probably never would have chosen it if I hadn't seen it on Amber Interiors. It's pretty minimal and somewhat casual, but I think it's exactly what I want for that space. And the last chandy on the bottom left is going to be our big statement piece over the stairs. Listen, I could have put globe lights throughout the whole house I love them so much right now, but I tried to keep them to a minimum so we could really let the ones we have shine. Also, I love the master fixture (bottom left) and think it's going to go so well in our bedroom.
Clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6

This Little Miggy || Accessible Dream House Lighting
Pendants and Flush Mounts: Most of these go in either bedroom or closets, with the exception of the large concrete fixtures (bottom right) which will hang above the kitchen island. This feels a little risky to me as I'm used to having clear glass pendants, but there are only 2 and since we have skylights above the island I think it will work. The flush-mounts (bottom and middle right) are going to be in the girls' rooms and my only concern is with the glass one--should I stick with the champagne finish of the glass or get the clear? The pendants at the top are for the master closet (left) and the pantry (right).
Clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5

Keep in mind that some of these my designer was able to purchase through her vendors and therefore got them at a discounted cost. Also, for many of the big box stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn and Anthro I waited until there was some sort of discount code I could apply. All of those shops offer at least 20% on a pretty regular basis. It helps if you get on their email lists to see when these deals happen.

Now lets just hope my tastes don't change dramatically in the next couple of years. (Wink, wink...that one was for my husband)

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  1. You are KILLIN it with these lights!!! I am loving all of them. That staircase chandelier looks amazing!