This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Favorite Dog Stuff Round Up + 2 Surprising Things as a Dog Mom

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Favorite Dog Stuff Round Up + 2 Surprising Things as a Dog Mom

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It's been about 3 months now that we welcomed our August boy into our family. Today I'm sharing round up of some of my favorite dog products as well as 2 surprising things I've learned as a dog mom.

Round Up
I love having a dog, but just like kids they come with a lot of STUFF. And if I'm going to have STUFF around the house, I want it to be pretty and eye pleasing stuff. First up is the beautiful dog bed from Backup Design. This is by far my favorite purchase for August. Since we don't let August on any of our other furniture, it took him a while to understand that this was his very own special space, but now he loves it. It makes me so happy to give him a soft place to curl up and since he also likes to be close to us, I don't mind keeping it in the living room since it's so beautiful. Designer Elizabeth Backup sources all the vintage shibori and mudcloth herself that is used for each one-of-a-kind bed. The removable and washable covers feature a heavy-duty brass YKK zipper closure. She offers both quick-ship and made-to-order options with super soft inserts that have channels sewn in, which helps maintain an even distribution of the down alternative inside which means these beds won't get flat or lumpy over time. When August isn't using his bed, I have no problem using it as a floor pillow. Double win.
Here are some other items I'm loving for August, some of which we have, some we don't. Yet. What are your thoughts on doggy bandanas? Part of me loves them, part of me thinks they're trying just a little too hard.

top row: Himalayan Dog Chew || Food + Water Bowls
middle row: Dog Bandana || Backup Design Dog beds || Plush Dog Chew Toy
bottom row: Brass Dog Tag || Mudcloth Dog collar by Billy Wolfe || White Rope Toy

Surprising Things about being a Dog Mom
The first surprising thing about being a mom dog is poop talk. Now that all my children are potty trained I did not expect that poop would once again be a major discussion point between my husband and I. Did August poop today? Oh phew, the dog pooped. His poop was a little runny, did he eat something weird? I expected to clean up poop and that would require some verbal exchanged, but I did not expect to be on poop watch and to have many follow up discourses once again, on poop.

The second surprising thing is sorta like the first--in that they both relate to parenting--I am not very grossed out by things that grossed me out when we first got August. Specifically, eye boogers. My husband was the one always cleaning out August's eyes when we first got him and he told me that I was going to need to step up to the plate and do this too. I said, no. Sorry. Can't do it. A week later I was getting the eye boogers out and now it's no big deal. Ha! Just like kids right? Before you have kids and you see parents eat baby food off their kids face you want to vomit. Then you have kids and you're like, mmmm baby food chicken is guuuuud. 

It's been so fun adding a dog to the family. It's also been fun to see him around our extended family. My sister in law, a self-proclaimed non-dog-lover, told me last weekend that she really likes August, and she never likes dogs. She even took him on an early morning run by herself! Also, Zuzu is finally not crawling on top of all the furniture and counters all of the time to avoid August. She even lays down next to him with her face right next to his. She did it again this morning petting him and saying, "You're my best buddy." Awww. My husband is admittedly still a little stressed out by him at times, but he likes him as well. He's made it clear though, he doesn't love him, he likes him. I'll take it!


  1. I am not a huge pet person, growing up we had a cat and dog but I was always ambivalent. I kind of assumed we would get a furry pet at some point, but we just moved to Northern Califronia and people are crazy about dogs. Someone even had theirs in Trader Joe's! (No it wasn't a service animal). They crazy dog culture here is putting me firmly in the no dog camp cause it annoys me so much. Although a poodle is what I would get.

    1. Yes, my husband is very much "I like our dog, I don't love him. I love our kids." And I get that. That being said, I can see how some people feel much more attached to their aunt and uncle couldn't have children. They eventually adopted a daughter, but this was after nearly 20 years of being married without children. In that time my aunt, who is a huge animal lover to begin with, had many dogs and I know they held a place in her heart that was very special to her. I'm not sure it entirely had to do with not being able to have children, but I think that played a part.

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