This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Back-to-School Shopping with Carter's

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Back-to-School Shopping with Carter's

This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's
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Is it too early to think about going back-to-school? Probably. But is it too early to think about back-to-school shopping? NEVER! Especially when for the first time ever (cue trumpets) you have all of your children going back-to-school! Huzzah! (Zuzu is starting pre-K so not full time yet, but it's still very exciting.) 
This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's
Carter's invited us to be a part of their back-to-school ampaign and I'll be honest, I was like, "Um, I thought you only did baby and toddler clothing so thanks for putting lemon juice on a paper cut and reminding me that I don't have babies or toddlers anymore." Then 2 seconds later I was like, "Wait a second... thanks for putting whip cream on my ice cream sundae for reminding me that I no longer have babies or toddlers anymore!" (I feel like I might be a better big kid mom. Just saying.)

But the point is I was skeptical of their big kid line. Carter's is known for their high quality baby clothing (did you know Carter's invented the onesie?!) but would I find something that my preschooler would like and my elementary school girl and my middle schooler? I can barely get them to eat the same meal, let alone wear the same brand. But as I started browsing around Carter's Kid line I was impressed. Lots of cute clothes in lots of different styles. With sizing that now goes up to 14, I could easily find items that each of my girls would love. And I did.

Here's what I usually look for when shopping for my girls:
Style. Yep. #1. If I don't like the look/color/fit or if I don't think my kids will like the look/color/fit I'm not going to bother. With the new Carter's Kid line they have styles that are appropriate for kids at different age levels. I'm especially mindful of this with my middle schooler as she's now at an age where she's becoming more independent in regards to her style and choosing her clothes. For example, she's been loving the exposed shoulder style, but I haven't been loving it as much. That is until I found this cute polka dot shift that hits just the right note for me when it comes to this trend. And PSP loves this dress! She wears it at least 3 times a week. (Which I'm totally cool with BTW.)
This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's

Quality. I don't have time or money for fabric that doesn't wash well or that gets holes after a month. My girls climb trees, run (and fall) in the grass, get messy with crafts, roll around on the floor and skate with their dad... I bet your kids do too. So far I've found the clothing to be good quality (at great prices to boot. Speaking of which you should check out their killer sale right now--up to 40% off entire store.)
This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's

Mix and Match. My mom was an outfit buyer, but somehow that gene skipped me. I prefer to buy pieces that can easily be mixed with many other pieces. Each of the girls got a few a different pieces and they can go with all the other pieces or with just about anything else in their closet. The only thing better than mix n' match are one piece outfits! I love the dresses and the rompers from Carter's.
This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's
This Little Miggy || Back to school with Carter's

Next to back-to-school shopping, planning that special first day of school outfit is the most exciting part of going back-to-school. I'm not sure what the girls are going to wear yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Lamp wears her new favorite pink puppy skirt (pink and puppies are her favorite) and Zuzu wears her green dress (green is her favorite color).

It doesn't really matter, because the big win is finding them cute, affordable clothes that they actually want to wear. More whip cream on my ice cream sundae please.

Carter's has generously offered my readers 20% off any full price item. To redeem that code click here. Have you guys checked out Carter's Kid line? You should! Some great pieces at super affordable prices. What are the main things you guys look for when shopping for your kids? I didn't specially mention affordability as one of my main items, but it is definitely on that list. Anything else I missed? Also, do you have any special back-to-school rituals? I started taking the girls on one-on-one back to school shopping dates last year and they're already talking about it this year! I think it's going to have to be an annual tradition as they each love it so much, which makes my mama heart happy. What about you? 

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