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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Miggy's Favorite Things Lately

Hi! Welcome to Miggy's Favorite Things Lately where--you guessed it--I share some things I'm loving as of late. Namely, something to wear, something to read, something to watch and something to eat. You can see the onetwo, three and four here. Enjoy! I'd love to hear some of your favorites in the comments. 

wear: GapFit Swimsuit
I love this swimsuit so much I actually did an Instagram stories in it. I love this swimsuit so much I left a rave review on But the real reason I love this suit so much is I wore ever single day on our Hawaii trip last week. I packed 3 suits and wore this suit every time! (Except the one time it was in the wash.) It is cute AND athletic, meaning you can actually swim, run, and play with your kids while looking cute and chic. It is sold out in black (the color I got), but I'm loving this coral color as well and wishing I had bought it in my size before it was sold out. Hurry it's on sale and only a limited sizes left! 

read: The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
So technically I only listened to half of this book before my library loan ended, but it's back on hold and I'm itching to finish it I wasn't so sure about this book at the beginning... I mean it's a memoir about a guy who discovers meditation and who is constantly telling you about an one amazing and life changing experience after another, which I hate to say it, starts to feel a little redundant. However, he shares a lot of spiritual wisdom and truth that resonated with me, so I kept listening...and then the story takes some turns. I would have never guessed it was going where it did! So give it a listen and if you think you know where he's going... keep listening. I love the principles he teaches about surrender, the power of meditation and especially the idea that good things naturally unfold in life without any effort on your part. 

watch: The Crown
I know, I know...this show is old news, but with the recent interest in the royal wedding (and the Meghan and Harry lifetime movie! So bad, but so good!) we started watching the Crown last week and I'm suddenly intrigued with everything about the English Monarchy.(It also helps having recently watched The Darkest Hour and The King's Speech--so interesting to see how all these stories movies and shows weave together!) We're only a few episodes in, but it's an interesting peek into the life of the royal family--although I wonder how much is accurate and how much is fictionalized--and makes me realize how much responsibility comes with their particular life of privilege. If given the choice, I'm not sure I'd take it... what about you? Would you want to be part of the Royal family? Are you a fan of The Crown?

eat: Roasted Sweet Potato Chicken Quinoa Salad via Our Best Bites
I know that as a woman it is sort of expected that I like a good salad, but really, I just like salad! I really do! In general I've always preferred veggies over fruit, and I can eat salads every day. But even salads can get a little same ol' same ol' if you don't change it up now and then and this salad is a game changer. First, why had I never put roasted sweet potatoes on a salad before? Now I do it all the time. Second, the smoked paprika dressing is the best. And the quinoa gives it just the right textural crunch. Trust me on this one and make this salad--even my kids love it!

What are you loving lately? I finally got an audible account and would love in particular to hear your recent favorite book recommendations. 


  1. I just finished listening to As You wish - making of princess bride by Carey Elwes and read by the author (Westley in the movie). It was really fun to listen to esp b/c there were voice "appearances" by many of the characters from the movie. It made me want to watch it again. We watched it about a year ago with my 7 yr old. Skipped the torture parts. My daughter and I listen to books all the time.

    1. I read that last year and loved it as well! Such a charming memoir (is it a memoir?) and like you it made me love the movie even more knowing how much love the individuals behind the camera had for each other and the film.