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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I'll Stop the World and Make with You || DIY Sticker Books

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Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending "to do" list that I've been facing and will continue to face over the next couple of months. Everything from moving woes, to house choices, to blog and book deadlines, and of course the day-to-day task of keeping my offspring alive. (Just checked on them... Yep. Still breathing.)

At the height of this anxiety about 2 weeks ago, when I had a list of tasks that needed my immediate attention, I made the rational decision to drop everything and spend 2 days making sticker books with my kids. YES, I SAID STICKER BOOKS LET ME LIVE MY LIFE.

I'm not sure I can explain my love of sticker books, but let me try.

It was the early 80's. I was in the first grade. I lived in Gering, Nebraska. The internet wasn't invented yet. We didn't have cable TV (because who in the world could afford cable television in 1983?) and Nintendo wouldn't be mainstream for a few more years.


We did have a store called The Teachers Corner with walls and walls and rolls and rolls of stickers. Puffy stickers. Smelly stickers. Big stickers. Little stickers. Glittery stickers. Hologram stickers. We may not have had a lot of the finer things in life in ol' Gering, but by golly we had stickers. And if you had stickers, you needed a sticker book. Sticker books back then were these laminated books you could buy to keep your sticker collection in and to trade with your friends. Because the pages were laminated, you could peel them off and re-stick them somewhere else. Out of all the trends from my childhood, stickers and sticker books were my favorite.

Last Christmas I gifted my girls a sticker subscription from PipSticks, the best source I've found for stickers. And then a few weeks ago I got my hands on one of their Mega Mystery boxes and suddenly I had myself a whole new stash of adorable, shiny, puffy, smelly, magical stickers. So of course we had to make some sticker books. Because modern day "sticker books" are simply notebooks of plain paper (plain @$$ paper!) that you put your stickers in and I'm sorry, but what horrible anti-childhood-magic adult thought of that? It's basically the work of Gargamel himself.

Follow along to learn what you need to make your own legit sticker book!

Paint and brushes (my favorites are from Kid Made Modern)
Thick painting paper (cut in half to get the right size)
Craft paper + Glue (optional, but if you want to collage)
laminating machine (optional, but cheaper than getting them laminated at the store)
Laminating sheets

1. Paint, create and have fun! The girls and I got to work just painting the different backgrounds we each wanted for our sticker books. Each book is 5 pages front and back, except for the last page we only did one side so that the back of the book is blank, but you can do it however you want. I mostly stuck to these 5 colors from the Kid Made Modern washable paint set that were the perfect colors out of the bottle (I did add a little orange to the yellow to make it a bit more golden rod.) 
This is the part that takes the most time since we're doing full pictures front and back and you have to wait for a page to dry on the front before you can do it on the back. But it was so fun to just paint and paint all day, see what we were each doing and share ideas. We also did some collaging to change it up. I ended up doing quite a few of my pages collage style and I almost preferred it. Some of our ideas: Landscape scenes like mountains, beach, a city or PSP's farm scene pictured above. A favorites page with a polka dot background, a giant rainbow, a plant page or another interior space would be fun, and totally abstract pages.

2. Laminating. I had planned to take all of our pages to Staples to have them laminated and bound there. The cost to laminate was $3.00 per page. Then quite a few people in Instagram told me to buy a cheap laminating machine for $20 and do it myself! So I did and now I want to laminate everything! It's very easy to use--almost self explanatory.

3. Binding. This was the only thing we couldn't do ourselves. We high tailed it to our local Staples and asked them to do a spiral bind along the side. It was $12 for all 4 books.

And then you're done and free to trade (or not trade) stickers with your favorite sticker loving peeps. Here are some of my favorite pages my girls and I created.

We had the best time making the books and we've had a great time adding stickers to our books and trading with each other. However, just because you're the fruit of my loins it doesn't mean I'm going to give you one of my glitter moons for a dog in a leprechaun hat OK? Get your head in the game girls!
Happy Sticker Book Making!

Anyone else have a nostalgic love for stickers and sticker books from your childhood? Do you still have your old sticker book? I would give anything to have my old sticker book. I believe the most memorable stickers were the scratch and sniff ones--they go for a small fortune on Ebay and Etsy! What were your favorite stickers? 


  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    This post is hilarious.

    I am afraid to try this with my older two (almost 7 and 4 1/2), because I am a scrooge when it comes to fun crafts/activities because I am also our cleaning lady. BUT, they would LOVE it. And, I am so sick of stickers being stuck on furniture or the floor and all the other weird places I find them. Like my butt. My daughter put stickers all over my big mom butt when we were out and I didn't realize it until I took my jeans off that night. Fun times. Plus, we've had residual sticker adhesive stuck on the car window for like a year from the freaking Trader Joe's stickers my daughter put all over the place, because well, she had "nowhere else to put them." So, no doy! A sticker book would like solve this problem! ;)

    Thanks for sharing :).


  2. I totally get what you mean about crafts and clean up...surprisingly, as an artist myself, I can be that way too. But there is something really fun about just letting lose and getting totally lost in a project with your kids. Also, it sounds like you REALLY, REALLY need these for your kids! Keep in mind you could "make" these pages on the computer and design something they just color...or you could make them yourself and give them as a complete gift to them.

  3. I also have a weird love of stickers leftover from childhood! I got myself a subscription to Pipsticks last year and hide all my faves! When I buy the kids sticker books at the store it takes all my self discipline to not steal them! Love this idea!!

  4. I grew up in Gering in the 80s too and LOVED Teacher's Corner! Man I had forgotten about that place until you mentioned it and it allllll came rushing back. Unfortunately I did not know the joy of sticker books. Maybe because my tiny Christian school didn't have kids that were so hip to the times (ahh how I use to fantasize about going to McKinley Elementary). I am really excited to do these with my girls though. They're going to love this!

    1. WHAT? You grew up in Gering in the 80's? (I didn't go to McKinley, but rather to Lincoln FYI.) And the Teacher's Corner was the best! So crazy/awesome to have another Gering kid chime in! :)