This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Accessible Dream Home || Bathroom Inspiration pt. 2

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Accessible Dream Home || Bathroom Inspiration pt. 2

We are renovating a 1961 mid century home and gutting it from top to bottom. In addition to being a dream house, it's also going to be an accessible dream house. You can follow along from the beginning here and here. Also, see bathroom inspiration part 1. here.

Master Bath: Last week I shared my visions for 2 of our 4 bathrooms and this week I'd like to share the last 2 bathrooms. For our master I'm just riffing off  of the bathroom in our current home that we remodeled a couple years ago. (Pictured above.) Lots of white tile, a wooden mid-century style vanity, but this time with brass lighting and black fixtures. And while I originally wanted another clawfoot tub (and in the end we may just go that route again) I love this modern version of the clawfoot and would love to somehow make it happen. I say "somehow make it happen" because this tub is not cheap--aka stupid expensive--but we might be able to make our own version. Stay tuned. If not, then it we'll renovate an old clawfoot again and I'll be super happy with that as well.

Last Bathroom: As I mentioned last time, I have had absolutely zero vision for this space. I initially decided to start pulling things that I love and see how they mesh together and now I'm really digging it! I have been wanting to so some sort of patterned tile floor, but have found that most tiles feel too traditional, too trendy or just too busy. But I am loving this simple black and white repeating diamond pattern a lot. Especially paired with a super simple vanity and yes, more black and brass fixtures. Once again I'm channeling Sarah Sherman Samuel as my bathroom style muse as this is a custom vanity she designed for her a-frame bathroom. The bad news is you can't buy this vanity. Boo! But the good news is it's a super simple design I think I'll be able to get something like it made that will be around the same price as a store bought vanity. Yay! Basically I'm digging the light wood with the clean lines, black and brass accents and a bold but not overwhelming pattern on the floor. I'm even liking the pops of light pink and blue from the backgrounds of the brass fixtures and thinking about ways to incorporate those subtle shades into the room.

Master bath sources: subway tile / brass sconce / faucets / medicine cabinets / vanity / freestanding bathtub / planters / hex floor tile

Last bath sources:  black sconce / large round mirror / toilet paper holder / faucet / brass hooks / vanity (inspiration) / hex towel ring / cement floor tile

So there they are--4 full baths for our place figured out. It still feels strange to me to think we'll have 4 full baths--definitely the most I've ever had in my life--but when I think about the layout of the house, I confident we'll get plenty of use out of each bathroom. Hello.... we've got three daughters. Thoughts? Feelings? Feel free to share. 


  1. i loved how your black tub stood out in your current bathroom, thought this one was neat...and not "stupid expensive" LOL I'm more of a galvanized water trough and corrugated tin kinda gal...but I like what you put together too!

  2. Yes, I liked the black tub as well. *Most likely* we'll be going down that road again. The link you sent was pretty cool too!