This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Miggy's Favorite Things Lately IV

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Miggy's Favorite Things Lately IV

Hi! I started a new series called Miggy's Favorite Things Lately where I share some things I'm loving as of late. Namely, something to wear, something to read, something to watch and something to eat. You can see the one, two and three here. Also, none of this content is sponsored and there are no affiliate links. Enjoy! I'd love to hear some of your favorites in the comments.

wear: Tassel earrings. I've been loving Madewell's earring selection lately (did you know they starting making all their earrings with a sterling silver back?) and these tassel earrings my husband got me for my birthday are at the top of the list. Flirty and bold, but still classy and also light weight. AND they're on sale right now, with an additional 20% off! (No affiliate links and I'm not getting paid...just passing along some good info.) Run, don't walk before they're gone. 

read: Essentialism.The disciplined Pursuit of Less. I've been on a bit of a self-help kick lately as far as books go and this has been one of my favorites. It's been around for a few years now, and is a New York Times best seller, so it's certainly not some low profile book I'm highlighting here, but it is really so, so good. It's written for both personal and professional benefit and I absolutely love these principals and really want to set aside time to implement them thoughtfully in my life.

watch: Queer Eye. Yes Netflix brought back Queer Eye with a brand new Fab Five to help save a bunch of heterosexual men from themselves. (Well, mostly heterosexuals... for the first time in the Queer Eye franchise history they also help out a gay dude and it's probably the best one of the season.) Um, this might be heresy to some of you but I cried more in the first episode of Queer Eye than I did in the Superbowl episode of This Is Us. Obviously an hour long make over show is meant to be all feel-goody with everything tied up in a neat little package, but when you see these guys--they call them heroes--that they helped thank the Fab Five with so much love and sincerity it will melt the frostiest of hearts. I also love that instead of taking place in New York like the last Queer Eye, these guys are in Atlanta and also talking about issues like race, police brutality and the church's view of homosexuality. They're are only 8 episodes, so its an easily digestible and quick binge. 

eat: Turkey Perky Jerky. 1.) I love beef jerky. 2.)  I've been working with a macro coach to get a little leaner and stronger and a big part of that is increasing my protein intake, so with 1 and 2 combined I've been all bring on the jerky! My husband bought me 3 big bags of jerky at Costco and this Perky Jerky was hands down my favorite! And while beef jerky in general is really great for a protein snack, but this Turkey Perky Jerky is also super low in fat. It's also gluten free and all natural.


  1. That turkey jerky sounds kind of appealing!

  2. OMG I totally LOVED the new Queer Eye!!!! I don't even think I watched the original show at all but this new show is amazeballs. Love love love.

  3. Hello - long time lurker who enjoys your blog - just saw an article at CNN talking about a new art installation in New York called Access & Ability at the New York Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Musuem - thought this was a beautiful example of many of the things you talk about on your blog:

  4. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Hi Miggy, if you love healthy jerky, you must look into Colorado’s very own Wild Zora meat and veggie bars. I shipped variety packs to friends for Xmas. Much better than chocolate.
    Mel in Fort Collins