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Monday, November 13, 2017

Smartgurlz for Smart Girls

This Little Miggy || Smartgurlz
This post is sponsored by Smartgurlz. I only work with brands and products I believe in and as always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting sponsors here on This Little Miggy.

As a child of the 80's, remote controlled cars were a big thing when I was a kid. However, the only people I knew who actually had remote controlled cars were boys. I liked driving them and playing with them, but I never had much exposure other than the occasional, OK fine you can have a turn, which usually lasted less than 30 seconds. I never asked for a remote control car for my birthday or Christmas. Again, I didn't have enough exposure to know if I would have really enjoyed owning one, but also, I would have never thought to ask for one. In my mind--and looking back this was also what I assumed everyone else thought--remote controlled cars were for boys. And I'm pretty sure they were intentionally marketed towards boys as well.

These days most people I know care a lot less about boys playing with "boy toys" and girls playing with "girl toys." It's OK to let kids play with either, both...whatever they want! Which is great--let's continue to encourage kids to explore all areas of play and freely enjoy their interests regardless of gender stereotypes. In reaction to this more open line of thinking, some toys have become a little more gender neutral, while other toys have actively included separate lines aimed towards boys and girls. And you know what--I like both approaches!

In thinking back to my 8-year-old self, most remote controlled cars could easily have been considered gender neutral. A black car, a green car... yeah I suppose those weren't necessarily screaming boy, but they didn't really feel accessible to me either. But if there had been a pink remote controlled car with hearts and gold lightening I would have for sure wanted that car. And, although I wouldn't have realized it, I would have also felt that the world was telling me, Hey! Girls can have remote controlled cars too! My point is, sometimes the answer is more gender neutrality, but sometimes it's about making a toy that once might have been targeted to a specific gender and rethinking how it could be redesigned to appeal to the other gender as well. Whether I like it or not (and truthfully I don't care) my girls still tend to gravitate towards toys that are considered traditionally feminine.
This Little Miggy || Smartgurlz
Which is why I absolutely love this truly amazing new toy from Smartgurlz, the first coding robot and doll made specifically for girls. This is basically the missing remote controlled car from my childhood acknowledging that 1) girls love toys that drive, 2) girls love STEM, and 3) girls also still love dolls! Yas! Lets put them altogether!

First, I want to let you know that when Smartgurlz reached out to me I said I would only do a collaboration if I actually thought it was a quality toy that my girls loved as well. Well let me tell you, it is a quality toy that my girls love as well.

It is really amazing! First there are a variety of different dolls to choose from, and each doll comes with her own "Siggy," a self balancing robot. I don’t know how it does it, but let me see if I can explain it a little better... THE ROBOT BALANCES ITSELF. I was worried Siggy was going to be a little tricky to handle, and that it would take a lot of attempts to get it upright and going, but nope! Once you download the "Sugar Coded" app and connect Siggy to the app, you set it down it is good to go. Siggy gently rocks back and forth (the self balancing part) until it is moved through the app. Not only that but it drives really, really well. It goes pretty fast, but it stays upright and zips around.
This Little Miggy || Smartgurlz
I also love that Lamp is able to play with this toy all on her own. I am super hesitant to introduce cool toys into our lives if they're going to be hard for her to play on her own. Again, I was concerned about stability and if it would be something she would be able to balance and drive on her own--she can and she likes it. It really is a fun toy for all girls and all of their ability levels. To me, the fact that it self balances and drives well is what makes it a really quality toy. (Zuzu is a little young to do it by herself without a watchful eye nearby. I wouldn’t say the toy is fragile, but you still don’t want a 3 year old thoughtlessly throwing to the ground when she’s done as 3-year-olds are wont to do.)
This Little Miggy || Smartgurlz
There are several different ways to use the app--of course you can program it by using doing code, you can use the pre-set courses (like a figure 8), and you can even drive it like a remote controlled car, and more. It is fun, educational toy and my girls have had a blast with Jun already. Lets be honest, a toy can be the most educational toy in the world, but if it isn't fun, kids aren't going to play, (or learn) with it.

I really think this is going to be a hit toy of the Christmas season. Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more info. My girls have already asked for a second one--ha! I think this is the perfect gift for the little girls in your life. And if their brothers are eyeing their Siggy with a little spark of envy, it's OK...they can have one too.
This Little Miggy || Smartgurlz

Did you catch Smartgurlz on Sharktank last night!!! I can't wait to watch the episode, it looks super exciting. Really, this toy is about to go off! Also, what do you think about Smartgurlz and the first Robot designed just for girls? Would your kids be into it?


  1. Thanks for posting about these awesome products! I ordered two (one for each of my girls) after reading your review. My eight year old is in a robotics club. This will be right up her alley. One less item to purchase for Christmas. Yay.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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