This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the first year in a while that we haven't done our gratitude tree. I thought about it, and the girls eventually noticed but it was a little too late... cuz they noticed like yesterday. It's alright. Missing a year one here or there isn't going to bring a whole tradition crashing down. It's not like I cancelled Christmas. But I do find myself needing to take some time to write down or say out loud the things I'm grateful for. Tonight Zuzu was saying our family prayer and she said thanks for being able to look up the weather. It was the sweetest. And so true. I AM grateful to be able to look up the weather! I've been grateful for so many modern conveniences, but have never thought of that one before.

With the new house and an uptick in schedule craziness and an eventual move on the horizon we've got a ton of things that need our attention. Last weekend we had planned to go through some of our storage in the basement, to organize and clean out. But we didn't. We played in the leaves instead.

It was it's own little gratitude practice--watching my kids and my husband play in the leaves, on a perfect fall day, laughing and dancing and jumping and knowing these days won't last forever.

And these little girlies kept doing trust falls off their dad's knee into the leaves. They'd look at him and say, "I trust you" right before letting go and falling back into the leaves. I laughed because I thought it was funny, but also smiled because I know how lucky they are to have their dad. Whether they know it or not, they can trust him.

Happy Thanksgiving all. I hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded with loved ones and friends. Here are some great last minute Thanksgiving links if you need them!

A fantastic source for the most amazing pies! Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse blew. my. mind.

To brine or not to brine.

How to avoid talking politics at Thanksgiving.

Unless you want to.

If the political talk gets a little uncomfortable, there's always this.

On a related note, hopefully you don't have a one-upper at your dinner. The worst!

Thinking of adding a carrot dish to the Thanksgiving line up. Either  this one or this one. (Both look fancy, but easy to make.)

I really like a pretty Thanksgiving table, but I don't like to stress about it either. I usually forage some greenery from the yard and add some candles.

Here are some other last minute Thanksgiving table scape ideas.

A great, low-key dinner party playlist.

18 Thanksgiving Movies to watch this weekend.

See you next week!

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