Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy Weekend

Is it just me or did this summer go by faster than ever? Our girls start school on Monday! What? We were in Gatlinburg, TN last week (the photo above is the view from our cabin) where we had a great time at Dollywood, hiking and relaxing at the cabin. We came home on Monday to a basement full of crap. Literally! (I'm laughing now, but it definitely wasn't funny.) Our sewer pipe was clogged and therefore backed up in our basement... um, it was bad. Luckily our basement is concrete with no carpet, or drywall but it was still a very unpleasant experience. We had a professional restoration cleaning service come out ($ cha-ching!) to clean up and properly sanitize the place. At the same time we have been trying to unload from vacation mode and get ready for school. The blog has been a little neglected lately, but priorities guys. Hopefully we're about to get back into a routine. (Although it's a new routine...I'll talk more about that soon.)

Did you guys catch the Bachelorette this week? It seems like Rachel was one of the most beloved bachelorettes ever and her choice Bryan was not. While I was genuinely confused watching the live finale (Why are they bringing Peter out now? Does that mean it's really over?) and was also rooting for Peter (sorta--I didn't like his wishy-washy ways) but I also felt really bad at the backlash the new couple is facing. First she had to defend Brian to her family and now it seems to the whole world. Not an easy way to start a relationship. Thoughts?

Lastly, I would LOVE some more spotlights coming my way, so if you are a special needs family or an individual with a disability--or know someone who is--and would love to share your story please email me at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com. Spread the word!

Here are some fun links!

Auto mechanics recreate Renaissance paintings. Humorous and lovely at the same time.

Have you been following the Taylor Swift trial? I thought this article made a great point.

Just bought these shoes for fall--I've been wanting them for a couple years now. Hope they fit!

Stories about disability don't have to be sad.

Like Tinder, for moms.  (Have you tried it? I'm sorta curious...)

My go-to salad these days. (I've had a lot of people ask for the recipe.) 


I hope you have a great weekend.


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