Monday, June 05, 2017

Summertime and the Living's easy

Miggy's Summer survival guide:

1. Good tunes.
2. Flying by the seat of our pants.

You're welcome.


Memorial Day started our summer off right and I'm thinking it's all because of our amazing lack of  planning. My husband had just gotten back in town Sunday afternoon, a couple of the girls had been sick, so we knew it would be low key.

"Maybe we should go out for brunch tomorrow." One of us said.
"Yeah, that sounds good." The other one said.

We went to a new-to-us brunch spot and let it be known that even though I am usually the pickiest selector of restaurants in our marriage, when it comes to breakfast food the husband morphs into a bonafide food critic and very few restaurants make the grade. We had our brunch place in San Antonio. We had our favorite place for waffles in New York. And I'm not sure he's entirely convinced of this new place (and I hope I'm not jumping the gun) but this past weekend we may have found our brunch spot in Cincinnati. It only took us 3 years. If it matters, the food and decor get two thumbs up from me. (p.s. It doesn't matter.)

After brunch we decided to head straight downtown to a favorite park. We didn't pack an extra bag and didn't have any supplies on hand, but as the kids get a little older, the easier it is to wing it. So we winged it. Wung it? We tried to keep the little ones dresses on them for a while, but eventually we just took them off and let them splash around the water in their undies. Heaven knows you can't do that forever, might as well enjoy it while you can.

 On the way home we stopped at the store where I ran in real quick for some hamburger, buns, corn on the cobb, watermelon and peach cobbler stuff. We went home, had a nice quiet time and then set up the waterslide in the back yard and BBQ'd the rest of the day away. The day ended with showers for the littles with some beautiful light streaming in.

Brunch, to park, to store, to home, to the water slide, to a BBQ, to showers. If you ask our girls it was a pretty perfect day and since I didn't plan a thing, there were zero expectations and zero stress.

Hear ye, hear ye! I declare this the summer of flying by the seat of our pants! Yes, sometimes plans must and will be made, but as much as I can I am planning on not planning. Sound like a plan? And if we have some good tunes playing in the background, then I don't see how any part of this two step plan could go wrong.

I've put together a nice little summer playlist, because seasonal playlists are my jam. It's all about the feel of a song and these songs feel like summer to me. Upbeat, light, love, + fun. And I tried to put a little something in there for everyone--oldies, hip-hop, indie, Motown, 80's, 90's. It's fun. Like summer. Enjoy!


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