This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Packing for Paris

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Packing for Paris

I've been working on a recap post for our trip to Paris, but I thought I'd do a quick Packing for Paris post. I don't know about you but when I get ready for a trip it's a little like getting ready for photoshoot--uh, that's exactly what it's like because Mama Mia here wants to look good in her travel photos! Ha! Before a big trip I get my nails done, make sure my hair is freshly dyed and bangs trimmed if needed and I usually get a spray tan as well. Naturally I also want my outfits to be cute + chic, but also comfortable and easy as well. I think everyone enjoys looking and feeling their best--even when they travel.

Packing for Paris

For this trip in particular I was all about the basics--lots of denim + simple shirts--with interesting accessories. I actually ended up feeling really great about my outfit choices and wanted to share some looks, tips and sources with you. (note: while I sometimes use affiliate links, none of the links below are affiliate. Meaning, I'm not getting paid for anything you click on below--Just sharing some of my favorite things!) Here's the rundown below:

Denim--Two pairs of jeans, two skirts and a jumpsuit. All the denim pieces you see in the collage above are pieces I own and love. All easy to dress up or down and super comfy. And I love that my second denim skirt (pictured in the very top photo) was an old DIY skirt I made in college from some vintage Levi's that I hadn't tried on in years! Shop your closet ladies!

Jumpsuits--I brought two jumpsuits and wore both. The denim-y looking one above and a black one. You can't go wrong with a good jumpsuit. They are the definition of easy. Plus stretchy waistbands means you can go ahead and have two scoops of gelato. Every day.  

Scarves--I wore a scarf almost every single day and it was the perfect addition to my basic outfits. A couple were bandanas and a couple were scarves--only one vintage. I wore them around my neck, but also in my hair. Scarves feel really current right now and also very French--so win/win. Forever 21 has had some great scarf options lately for super cheap.
Hat--As you can see by these photos, I love traveling with a hat. I just wear it on the plane and then stow it under my seat or in an overhead compartment for the duration of the flight. (I'd love to hear other/better ways of traveling with a hat!) A good hat is just so versatile and easy. In addition to helping keep the sun off your face all day, it's one of the quickest ways to "do your hair" on vacation without actually doing your hair and still looking very put together. I got this one on sale from Madewell for $15 a couple years ago--I like it a lot, but I won't be devastated if it gets ruined while traveling. 

White Button-ups--Easy and classic. Goes with anything and keeps you cool.  
Bodysuits--I've bought two body suits recently and LOVE them. The high quality fabric makes them feel like a little nicer version of a t-shirt. (I have both of the ones pictured at the top, but the stripe one in a different color.) Bodysuits can be a great way to keep it all in place. That being said, sometimes things ride up a little and with all the walking we did in Paris, I actually just left the bottom unbuttoned one day, while still being tucked in to my pants. Sorry if that's a little TMI, but it helped! Also, this long sleeved bodysuit from Jcrew is one of my favorite shirts I've bought in a long time! 

Shoes--The one place I had to give a little was in my shoe choice. I don't remember the last time I walked so much and my feet were so sore! I often wore sandals at the beginning of the day and then switched to my Nike Free's or a cheap Target slip on I bought for the trip. I brought my beautiful Bryr clogs, but didn't wear them once. Oh well. And while I'd love to try the Everlane loafers, I still think if you're doing some serious tourist style walking (we were out 10+ hours a day some days!) then you just better suck it up and wear your comfiest sneakers. 

I'd love to hear your travel style tips below. I think my biggest surprise was just how put together I felt with either a scarf or a hat...or both! 

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