Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Color Your Own

Color Your Own t-shirt with Hi Little One || This Little Miggy
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I love creating and crafting with my kids. As an artist I want them to have a love for all things creative and I love fostering that maker spirit. However, there are some things that sometimes stand in my way from creating with kids as often as I would like.

1) I'm not a fan of crafts that require multiple trips to multiple stores. We have a pretty well stocked craft cupboard, and if we don't have the supplies on hand I don't want to make it. 2) I want my children to feel the success that comes from crafting and making. Often times the crafts in books or on Pinterest are clearly done by an adult (most likely one of several attempts) and when children can't recreate this perfectly executed craft it can sorta mess with their sense of accomplishment and their abilities. When it comes to creating and crafts I want to set them up for success! 3) As a mother of children in multiple age ranges and with varying ability levels it's hard to find crafts all my girls can enjoy doing together. Not that this always needs to happen, but it's a huge bonus when it does. 4) I love creating, but I don't like creating huge messes and lots of disorder. 5) I know it's important to teach kids about the process and therefore it's not always about the end result, but sometimes you really do want to have something that doesn't get thrown away in the trash after a day or two.

That is why I absolutely loved watching these girls make their own t-shirts from Hi Little One's Color Your Own collection. First, all my girls were equally excited to design and create their own t-shirts--literally jumping for joy. We didn't need any special supplies and the set up took about 2 minutes. ALL of my girls could do this and most kids would be able to as well regardless of age or ability. There was no crazy mess to clean up and in the end they were really excited to see their new shirts and they turned out really well! My girls loved making and then wearing (ie showing off) the shirts they designed. Win, win! Also, these shirts are really high quality--really soft and thicker than your average tee. These are made to last. 

With the Color Your Own Collection kids get to be the artists and they can make their own onesies, t-shirts or tote bags. This would be great for a new baby gift, a birthday party, a rainy day or an easy summer afternoon activity (hint, hint's almost upon us!)
Color Your Own t-shirt with Hi Little One || This Little Miggy
To get started you Simply print out template from their website (onesie, t-shirt, and tote templates), print it off and then let your little Frieda's and Picasso's do their thing and then upload the finished picture when you are purchasing the item. You can also upload or send your design as an attachment to template required.
Hi Little One Color Your Own || This Little Miggy
Color Your Own t-shirt with Hi Little One || This Little Miggy

To be honest I didn't think my big kid would be that into it. But, she was and I LOVE her self portrait shirt. Isn't she a great artist? I'm thinking I need to commission her to do a portrait of me! 
Color Your Own t-shirt with Hi Little One || This Little Miggy

If you want to try the Color My Own collection Hi Little One is offering TLM readers 20% off with code MIGGY20 at checkout. Click on over to Hi Little One's site (where you can also check out all their fantastic original t-shirt designs like their popular Straight Outta Diapers) and let your little one make their own custom, heirloom t-shirts and totes today

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  1. I love the pictures of the girls working on their designs- especially the self portrait. Just beautiful.