Sunday, January 08, 2017

Design*Sponge Feature

If you're visiting here from Design*Sponge for the first time welcome! The first thing you should proabably know is that Lamp is not my daughter's real name. Phew! right? You can read more about her under Lamp Links and more about our journey here. I would also like to direct you to my Special Needs Spotlight series and all the amazing families who have shared their stories here. Enjoy! 

So excited and honored to be featured over at Design*Sponge today showcasing our bathroom renovation. It's funny, but when I did the final bathroom reveal on my blog I didn't even talk about accessibility. As I was writing it up I didn't think of it until the very end and the post was already so long, so I just didn't worry about it.

But make no mistake, the bathroom was renovated with accessibility in mind for Lamp in nearly every decision. From where the faucets should be placed, to mirror type and height, and certainly with bigger decisions like having a zero entry shower, a wider wheelchair accessible doorway and a vanity that she could still sit on to wash her feet and brush her teeth. The great thing about making our bathroom accessible is that it doesn't take away any of the functionality for the rest of us. That's a win/win! And I love that an accessible bathroom doesn't have to look like an accessible bathroom. One of my biggest gripes with the accessibility world is the lack of good design. (Although as I mention in my piece, not every single aspect would be considered accessible for every wheelchair user...we did make it specific to our daughter and her needs.)
I'm so grateful to Design*Sponge for reaching out to me as it was a conscious decision on their part to be more inclusive of special needs families. Really, really love seeing the definition of equality and inclusion expanding to include all of us amazing and diverse special needs peeps. :)



  1. Beautiful bathroom! Beautiful child goes without saying! But stop the clock! Your little trio is growing up too fast!

  2. Hi! I came to your blog by way of Design*Sponge and am already so inspired/humbled by your family's journey. You're a shining light and I can't wait to read more!

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