Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Girlmore Girls Fan-Fest

Some of you may know that I'm a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan. I love the premise, I love the writing, I love the acting, I love the setting... I love it all! To this day when I'm jonesing for a New York fix I put an episode of  Gilmore Girls on in the background and I feel all east coasty again.

My friend Andrea (who got me hooked on GG) and I were really excited when the new Netflix season was announced. Like many diehard GG fans we were well aware that the original creators of the show weren't involved in the final season and for many people, the show took some weird turns that last season and didn't have a comfortable resolution. Andrea and I had planned to meet together to watch the new episodes but then it was announced that they were going to be released Thanksgiving weekend, and that wasn't a great time for a GG reunion.

Then sometime last month I saw that there was a Gilmore Girls fan fest being held in Connecticut in October. In Washtington Depot Connecticut. (For those of you who don't know, Gilmore Girls is based in a fictional town named Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Washington Depot was the real life inspiration for Stars Hollow.) I immediately clicked over and saw that the premier tickets were already sold out! I texted my friend and asked if she was interested in doing the fan fest instead of getting together to watch the show and she was in! Before I could buy our tickets the rest of them sold out as well. We were so bummed. Long story short, (too late) we found out that they might release more tickets the next day...they did and I swooped them up faster than you could say hockey puk, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants.

I's official. I'm going to Stars Hollow. (Again. eek this is an old post.)

To be honest, there was a part of me that totally laughs and feels silly about the fact that I'm going to a GG fan fest of all things. Yes people get crazy for all sorts of things--Star Wars, Harry Potter, Comic Con, etc--but I guess this felt a little less legitimate or something?

However, last week there was a nation wide Luke's Diner pop-up in preparation for the new series debut and I decided to casually stop by the diner here in Cincinnati. Ya know, I was just going to take my lap top and get some work done while I sip a hot chocolate... Oh no I didn't. The line was out the door, down the stree and around the block. And suddenly being a GG fan felt very legitimate.

And like the true nerd I am I wanted to yell, Oh yeah? Well I'm going to the fan fest in Star Hollow so see ya later suckers! While peeling out in my minvan with Carol King blasting from the speakers. (Totally should have done it...)

The festival should be really fun--there are lots of activities planned including a lot of cast appearances, screenings of favorite episodes, a knit-a-thon, town meetings.... all things Gilmore Girls. Of course having a girls getaway weekend is a huge part of the excitement as well. As you can see above, I even made t-shirts. Team Jess all the way.

So Oi with the poodles already because here I come Stars Hollow.
Copper boom!

Anyone else ever been to a fan fest of sorts? Was it everything you hoped it would be, or did you find it lacking? Any advice for a first timer? Anyone else going to this fan fest? That would be amazing to see you there. Anyone else wish they could go to Stars Hollow? I feel like maybe I should brush up on some good Paris Geller quotes to throw out at random moments. 


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