Monday, October 10, 2016

Final Bathroom Reveal

So happy to be finally doing a full bathroom reveal! It was a stressful process for me and a steep learning curve. I love a lot of different design styles out there and was nervous about committing to permanent choices and making decisions for every little thing. One of the reasons I've never wanted to build a house is that the idea of choosing every little knob, tile and light fixture makes me break out into a nervous sweat. What if I didn't like it once it was installed? Or what if I wish I had gone a different direction?

The best thing about this bathroom has been getting to the end and not wanting to change a thing. High-five me!

If the intetnet was invented for the soul purpose of before and after photos, it would be a worthwhile invention.  Without further ado, here are some nasty before picture of our blue mid-century meets country bumpkin bathroom:
Wood paneling, blue tile everywhere, the floor crumbling to pieces + out of date fixtures (plus a stray piece of toilet paper on the floor--ha!)

Keep in mind, this bathroom was gutted down to the studs and the layout was completely reconfigured.

The original bathroom was much smaller. As you can see from the photo below there was a small hallway that led to the bathroom with two closets on either side. We pushed the bathroom out to the main hallway and made the closet on the right significantly smaller and kept the closet on the left, but changed the access to the closet from the other side. Also, if you look carefully you can see that the ceiling in the bathroom before was lower than the rest of the house. Apparently this was done back in the day to make the bathroom more "cozy."

Going in there were a couple of things I knew I wanted in this bathroom: a lot of white, including white subway tile, modern looking brass fixtures and a wood vanity with a mid century look. The vanity is actually a media console turned vanity...and truthfully it was a little tricky to make it work. But we did it. Hands down one of my favorite features of the new bathroom is the skylight. It adds so much light and makes the space feel a lot bigger. It wasn't a small cost, but definitely worth it in the end. 
One of my other favorite features is the clawfoot tub. The great thing about living in an older city like Cincinnati is that there are many places you can go to shop for antique and vintage architectural home parts. This tub was one of five or six clawfoot tubs I had to choose from. Fun fact: clawfoot tubs often have a date stamped on the bottom, this one is from 1906! I had the outside sandblasted, I painted it a satin black and had it professionally reglazed. Ta-da! 

I had originally planned on laying our subway tile in a classic brick pattern, but when I saw this bathroom I knew I wanted to do it a little differently. This was a rather last minute decision but I'm SO glad we went with it. This one little change gives it that little bit more modern of a twist that I was looking for. While I like the classic look of a brick style pattern I feel that it would have made this space more traditional rather than more modern looking. 
I plan to do a much bigger painting for this space, but put this one is as a small place holder in the meantime. If anyone is interested in purchasing this piece email me and I'll send you pricing and details. 

One of the biggest headaches of this bathroom was the floor. You may remember from my update and remodeling tips post that I talked about addressing difficult problems with your contractor. Well we hadn't yest crossed this bridge when I wrote that post and this was by far our biggest problem we encountered. When our tile guy first laid the floor it looked terrible. You could see where every individual sheet of tile was laid. (photo below left) At first they tried to fix it by going back and rearranging individual rowes of tile. When they finished "fixing" it, they were scheduled to come in the next day to install the vanity, tub, etc but the floor still looked terrible! My stomach was in knots. We were already waaaay over time, but I didn't want to leave the floor like this. Of course I didn't want to confront my contractor either, I knew this was going to be a tough conversation. However, I could not be paying this much money for this bathroom not to have it done right. So I talked to my contractor and we ripped up the entire floor and started over. Oi. It was hard. My contractor wasn't happy about it, which I understood because it was coming out of his pocket, but it was the right thing to do. The second time around the floor was perfect. (Also, I just want to clarify that overall my contractor was great to work with--but the nature of the situation was just difficult. He stands by his work, was very professional and has a kind and trustworthy team working for him. If anyone in the Cincinnati area is looking for a contractor shoot me an email and I'll happily pass his info along. )
Like I said, the best part about doing this renovation was getting to the end and LOVING the final result. The girls absolutely love taking baths as much as possible these days and frankly I refuse to shower anywhere else. Thanks for following along. I've got a list of sources below if you're interested. 




  1. I love everything about this, I actually think your painting is perfect in there. Kind of feel like I could take a vacation in you bathroom. :)

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    So jealous! My husband remodeled his bathrooms just before we met. They're new, but not at all what I would have picked out.

  3. Wow -- it turned out fabulous! Very cool!

  4. Wow -- it turned out fabulous! Very cool!

  5. Renovations can really be tiring but once you see the outcome, everything is worth the pain. I love your new bathroom, definitely looks spacious and children will surely enjoy taking a bath, just like the bathroom renovation stories via which are all awesome.

  6. It looks amazing!! I am looking to do something similar with a mid century side board. What material did you use for the worktops and where did you find sinks small enough?

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks! The counter top is quartz. We just went to a local place and looked for a remnant big enough. The sinks are American Standard--they weren't that hard to find, we just had to look and measure before we purchased the credenza, but even afterward it was a very tight fit and there was a little jimmy-rigging to get it just right. I'm sure if you googled American Standard small square undermount sink you would find these. Good luck!

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  8. Incredible reno!! Looks so fabulous. What a huge project! We've redone 3 bathrooms in our home this spring but not down to the studs!
    That tile floor, AAAAH!! We did that same tile in our powder room and I laid it myself and thankfully it looks great and you can't see the sheet lines!

  9. Also--I was totally inspired by that Sara Sherman Samuel bathroom, too, for our kitchen!

    I also thought about doing a wood vanity like that but was intimidated by converting a dresser! Is that a new media cabinet or vintage??

    Your plumbing fixtures are all so gorgeous!

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