This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Protein + Pull-Ups

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Protein + Pull-Ups

This post is sponsored by Olly Smoothies. Thanks for supporting sponsors here on TLM and please keep in mind that all opinions are my own. As I stated in previous posts I'm on the final countdown to the big 4-0 this year and am doing a series of posts focused on health and fitness. This is not about weight loss or achieving a "bikini body." After spending a year and a half with debilitating back pain and recently returning to pain-free living I have a new found love for my body and feel grateful for all it allows me to do. The one goal is do have to be able to do 10 pull-ups by my 40th birthday. Thanks for following along! You can see my related posts here: 10 tips for Working Out at Home and Favorite Work Out Songs

I'm not a cereal girl. Never have been. But like most people I want something quick, easy and healthy to eat in the morning. About 4 years ago my sister in law made me a smoothie. I liked it so much that I quickly adopted as my own and have been making it for 4 years now. The same smoothie for 4 YEARS. I would say for about 2 of those 4 years I had it everyday.

At times I would try to brach out in the smoothie world but could never get it quite right. Which is weird because they're smoothies. It can't be that hard. Whenever I see the guy at Costco whipping up smoothies he just dumps a little of everything in and it turns out amazing. But whenever I try that... it is not amazing. So I stuck with my old faithful. For years.

But as I've been reving up my workouts over the past months, the realization hit me that I needed to add more protein to my diet. When OLLY invited me to try out their protein based smoothies I was excited--OLLY's nourishing and workout protein powder have 18 grams of protein per serving. You can make these by simply adding water, but I like to blend up some good stuff to make these even more nutritious and filling.

So here's my post workout OLLY protein smoothie recipe: I add two scoops of OLLY Protein smoothie mix--either chocolate or chocolate peanut butter--1 whole banana, 1/2 cup of almond milk and a handful of spinach leaves and blend on high with a little ice.  This has become my post work out + morning smoothie staple.

And guess what? I can officailly do 1-3 pull ups. Usually 2, but occassionally 3. A few months ago I could not do 1 pull up. Not even a little bit, so this is very, very exciting for me.
 But the other, equally exciting side effect of these OLLY smoothies is how much my kids like them as well. Especially the toddler. Not many things can pull her away from an episode of Mickey, but the blender is her personal Pavlovain call--as soon as she hears the blender motor going she comes running into the kitchen yelling, "Shake, shake! I want a shake!" This girl rarely touches meat, beans or anything resembling protein, so these shakes have been a lifesaver. My girls also enjoyed the OLLY Kids shakes in strawberry flavor as well.
When I made the girls all three smoothie flavors to try, somehow a game ensued of drinking 2 and then 3 smoothies at a time. This girl above? She won. Hands down. Safe to say this is the only drinking game I'll ever encourage or be proud of her for winning.

Well done baby Zuzu.

To learn more about OLLY smoothies and thier amazing plant based protein powder check out their website here. Also, click here to for a $5 off coupon and to enter to win some great prizes like a $500 Target gift card. 


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