This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Make: Simple Linen Apron with Grommets and Leather Detail

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Make: Simple Linen Apron with Grommets and Leather Detail

Simple Linen Apron || This Little Miggy
Fact: I love aprons. I started collecting them shortly before I got married but over time my tastes have changed. I used to gravitate towards frilly, brightly colored aprons with ruffles and crazy prints. Lately I've been wanting a much more simple apron in a solid, neutral color. And in my head there were also brass grommets and leather trim.

I love it when a project turns out as good or even better than you imagined. That's how it happened with this apron--which is such a satisfying feeling!

The great thing about making an apron like this is that you don't need a pattern. You just need to know how long you want it (length) and how wide you want it along the bottom (bottom width) and how wide you want it along the top (top width). The last measurement you need is from the top of the apron to your waist. Here are my measurements if you just want to use those:

length: 34"
bottom width: 30"
top width: 11:
top to waist: 13"

If you want to make a similar apron follow along below--between the pictures and the instructions it should be pretty easy. I made it in a couple hours, while my kids ran amok around me. If I can do it, you can do it! (Smile with a tooth twinkle) Also, If the idea of adding grommets is intimidating to you, don't let it be! This was actually my first time working with them and they're so easy! I bought this grommet kit from Amazon.

 1-2 yards medium weight linen fabric
cotton twill tape 2-3 yards (more if you want to use for neck strap as well)
leather scraps 
grommet kit with grommets
regular sewing supplies including sewing machine

Simple Linen Apron || This Little Miggy

1) Cut a piece of fabric that is your measured length + 1 inch and your bottom width +1 inch.
2) Fold fabric in half the long way. Now take your top width + 1 inch, and divide by 2. Take that number and measure along the top, from the fold and make a mark on your fabric. (This is the top "bib" portion of your apron.)
3. Now from that point your going to measure use your top to waist measurement +1 inch and mark along the outside edge (opposite the folded edge). From those tow points you're going to cut out a curve. (see pictures if you're confused.) You want to cut through both layers of fabric so that your curve is even on both sides. Not cut that piece off. Unfold and you have your apron.
4. Time to make a neck strap. Cut a long strip of fabric 2.5"-3" wide by 40" long. (I had to sew two shorter pieces together to make this happen.) Fold long sides together, and sew down the long side. If you want to serger these together that will save you time (and frustration) from turning it inside out. Or you can press small seams on each side and then press in half and top stitch together. OR you can sew the long sides together and then use one of these loop turners (I highly recommend these) to help you turn it inside out. Turn it inside out and sew together. Note: You can just buy additional twill tape and use that instead. This will be the easiest option and will definitely save you time.

Simple Linen Apron || This Little Miggy
5. Now lets make a pocket. Just cut a long rectangular piece of fabric slightly bigger than what you think is a good pocket size (I didn't measure, but made sure to cut it square). If you have a serger you can serge all the edges, if not just fold over twice and press with hot iron. After serging all the edges, fold over the top edge and press in place, then straight stitch across. Press the remaining 3 edges underneath as well and then place the pocket in the middle of the front of your apron and sew the sides and bottom in place. If you want you can sew an additional seam down the middle.
6. Now to do the top of the apron. Cut another small piece of fabric that will be 3.5" long and as wide as the upper portion of your apron. Also cut two small squares (1.75"x3") of leather. Place your small piece of fabric right side up, with the leather on top on either side (also right side up) and then place your apron right side down on top. Now sew that top edge together.
7. Flip the leather and top piece over. Press fabric with iron and sew a seam along the top that goes over leather as well.
8. Now press the bottom edge of small fabric under until it lines up with the bottom of the leather pieces and top stitch over that as well.
9. Now get out your grommet kit, follow the instructions and place grommets in! (I watched a couple of YouTube videos to give me an idea. Also, the leather came out fine, but I had to cut around the linen to get it all the way out.) Place your neck strap in the grommet holes and knot on either side where comfortable.
10. Almost done! If you have a serger serge down both sides of your apron. If not, just fold and press seams and sew in place. Then on the curved side fold over a big enough piece to put your straps inside, press and sew in place. You're done!

Simple Linen Apron || This Little Miggy
Simple Linen Apron || This Little Miggy

I'm not gonna lie, it's PERFECT. This is exactly what I envisioned. I love it so hard. This particular linen was a scrap piece I had from another project, and just happened to be the perfect width and weight--soft and nubby and thick but not too thick. This is definitely going to be my new go-to apron.

Which begs the question...what should I do with all my old aprons? I will definitely still use and keep some, but other's I'm just not sure I want anymore. It's usually no big deal to get rid of stuff, but it feels a little harder to get rid of a "collection." Also, do you find that your tastes have dramatically changed in adulthood? I know trends and styles change, but at the same time I think an overall aesthetic can remain the same. I can't decided if it's just the trends and styles have changed or my overall aesthetic as well. Thoughts?


  1. Great job! It's perfect. I am older than you, a little farther along in life. From my perspective, yes, my tastes have changed, but I am basically the same.
    I still like to garden, take care of my family, sew, make a lot of my own everyday things (soap, laundry detergent and most cleaning supplies) I still like antiques and second hand stuff. But, I have sort of mellowed, and I'm more specific in what i like.
    When I cull stuff down, I try and think when the last time I used it, over a year?Does it bring value to my or my family whether that is in function, or emotional. Seeing my bed made up with the pillows arranged well makes me happy. Just does. Calms me down from my stressful day.
    So yes, be thoughtful when you decide what to keep and what to release, but be brave also and let go.
    In who to donate your aprons to, maybe an inner city childcare or animal rescue?
    I was thinking a neonatal unit at a hospital, but they might not be able to accept because of infection control issues, but might be worth a try! I know some have volunteers who rock babies, and they might like something like an apron.

  2. You could make a patchwork quilt out of them. Maybe doll quilt size or make a small table cloth for the girls to play with.

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