This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Make: Hand Stamped Sleep Mask

Monday, July 11, 2016

Make: Hand Stamped Sleep Mask

This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask

First lesson in parenting: kids ruin your sleep.

I used to be a pretty great sleeper--I could sleep anywhere, anytime. Now I get to sleep with ear plugs, melatonin, a sound machine and always, always a sleep mask. I only have 1 sleep mask and have been known to go into a panic if I can't find it at bedtime. Additionally, I've been using the same ratty little sleep mask for a few years, therefore I finally decided I needed some new new masks. If you're a regular crafter and sewer you probably already have everything in your craft/sewing pile like I did. The stamping part is optional, but I love the customizable options.

Eye Mask Supplies:
2 different fabrics (one super soft for your eyes like silk or velvet)
quilt batting
binding (optional)
sewing machine and other regular sewing supplies

This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask

I traced around my current eye mask for a pattern, but there are tons of free eye mask patterns out there, so take your pick and then cut two pieces of fabric and 1 piece of quilt batting for each mask. I used thick velvet for the soft side of my eye mask--partly because it's soft but also partly because it's thick fabric that will block the light well.
This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask

Stamping supplies:
rubber stamping scraps (or potato)
exacto blade
craft/fabric paint
This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask
To create a stamp simply draw a template on your rubber stamping material (can also use an eraser or potato/sweet potato). Then simply cut the design out and hot glue it onto a scrap piece of wood. Cover stamp with fabric paint and give it a few test runs on paper. Then stamp it onto your already cut out top layer of fabric for you eye mask.

I'm going to show you 2 different ways to do this.
Here is option 1.
This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask
Take your two pieces of fabric (the front and back of the eye mask) and place them right sides together. Now, place your elastic strap inside those two pieces and pin in place on either side of the mask. Then place your batting onto of either side of the mask and re-pin in place.

This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask
Now sew a very small seam all around the outside edge of your mask leaving a 2 inch gap open. (Note, I left my gap along the bottom portion of the mask, by the nose--bad idea, sew along that line and leave the top straight edge open instead). Before flipping your mask inside out trim along the seam carefully cutting any big edges off. Flip your mask inside out, press with iron if necessary and press the open seams inward and then top-stictch all around your mask. Make sure the elastic doesn't get in the way.

Option 2.
This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask
This time, you're not going to turn anything inside out, so you simply stack all three fabrics together with the batting in the middle and the right sides facing out. Pin in place. Then pin your elastic in place on either side and sew around the outside. Lastly, take your bias tape and pin all the way around your mask and sew in place.

This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask

This Little Miggy || Sleep Mask

In all honestly I LOVE this new mask. So comfy and soft. If you've never tried a sleep mask before give it a shot. They're not just for the Holly Golightly's of the world.


  1. This is what I need. My daughter can't sleep without lights on and I can't sleep with lights on. Ironic.

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  3. This is such a cute sleep mask. I don't use one myself but I have friends that do and this will be such a cute gift for them. Thank you.