This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Easy Kid Sewing Project: Boo-Boo Bags

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Easy Kid Sewing Project: Boo-Boo Bags

A few years ago a friend of mine gifted us some boo-boo bags. She explained, "These are genius. Just keep them in the freezer and whenever your kid gets a scrape or a bump have them go get a boo-boo bag to put on their owie. Works like a charm." She was right!

Lets be honest, most bumps, bruises and scrapes you just can't do anything about. A little band-aid, some Neosporin and thats it. But there are so many little boo-boo's that don't even necessitate that! Enter the boo-boo bag. When they bonk their head, scratch their leg, stub their toe, (barely) scrape their knee, we simply grab a boo-boo bag to place on their injury and recovery is on the way.

It's genius because it gives kids something to do, something proactive as opposed to the classic parental and little league coach advice to simply shake it off. Second, it's cold but not too cold which is perfect for kids. Icing an injury can be tough even for adults, and for kids, it's nearly impossible. The boo-boo bag is just the right amount of cold. Also, as long as you use 100% cotton or other natural fibers, these same bags can be throw in the microwave for a few minutes to be alternately used at heat bags. I'm telling you, we use them for both all the time!

The steps are predictably easy-peasy:
1. Select your fabric.
2. Cut 2 pieces of each fabric approximately 9"x4.5"(you can make them bigger or smaller)
3. Place fabric pieces right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam around both long sides and one short side. Make sure to leave one short side open. Cut off corners and turn inside out.
4. Fill bags with either rice, wheat berries or some other grain. We used wheat berries this time, but have used rice in the past.
5. Hand sew short side closed.

The kids can be as involved as they want to be in making boo-boo bags--PSP helped with pinning the fabric and filling the bags, but Lamp wanted to do as much as possible. She sat on my lap while I sewed, filled the bags with the wheat berries and even did a number of hand foot stitches on her own while I held the bag. So great!

Summer is the perfect time to make yourself some boo-boo bags--an easy afternoon activity and a solution to all those summer-time scraped knees and bruises. Happy sewing!



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