This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Here Comes The Sun

Monday, April 18, 2016

Here Comes The Sun

Finally, some sun coupled with some heat this past weekend. Our winter was so, so mild but our spring has been freezing. My least favorite weather--if we're keeping track--is sunny but freezing. Especially in the spring. It's straight up deceptive Mother Nature, that's what it is.

This is going to be a post filled with a jumble of thoughts and pictures. A summary of what we've been up to lately and some other things that have been on my mind. Jumbled, random stuff feels super appropriate on a Monday to me.

First, someone (finally) got a new foot! OK brace, but it has a foot so cool right? It's an interesting little device as it's an orthotic and prosthetic combined, not entirely one or the other. Lamp has been using an brace for several years to practise walking with as they help stabilize her smaller leg and also make up for the length discrepancy. But the great thing about this new brace is that there are no straps or extra do-hickies to fasten, she can just slide it on and go. Well, eventually... but that's the idea. I posted a video of her walking with her new brace on IG last week. It's pretty awesome and you should check it out if you have a minute. We've come a long way baby...

Saturday we headed to an old favorite of ours in The Queen city, Happen Inc. We used to go to Happen back when we lived here the first time (Cincy 1.0) and haven't been back since until this past Saturday, but I don't know why because I love this place!

Happen, Inc. in an art center where kids and families can go and have fun, bonding experience making art. Usually you're making ceramics--meaning the kids are using real clay, glazing their pieces and then the pieces get fired in the kiln. Because of the whole process you don't get your pieces back for a couple of weeks, but how amazing is that? I love that my kids are getting exposure to a medium that they wouldn't otherwise be exposed to as most of us don't have a kiln in the backyard. And get this, it's FREE. You don't sign up before-hand, there's not even a set class schedule, but rather it's more of an open studio (usually--check the calendar) where you come and someone runs you through the technique and then you get to work! I have a feeling we're going to be here a lot more often.

    classic RBF

Also, Happen, Inc. has really expanded in the past few years and they now have a toy lab where you can create a new toy from old toy parts (remember that crazy kid from the first Toy Story movie... like that but hopefully less creepy?), they also boast 3 community gardens, a kids film critics club, and so many more programs! I'm really excited to check out more of their amazing offerings. Kids, families and communities really benefit from places like this.

Saturday evening, aka post nap time, we headed down to Washington Park where it felt like a full on Summer day. We were sure the splash pad probably wasn't running just yet, but we grabbed our suits just in case. I love it when just in case pays off. The first really sunny and warm day always feels like the entire city is in a good mood. There is so much to look forward to and every one can just relax a little bit more.

And I can't even tell you how proud I am of Lamp on days like this, how she just charges out into the world with her head held high enjoying life and soaking up the sun despite a lot of pointing, staring, and questioning. I always hover close by, never knowing exactly when to jump in or when to leave her to handle her own business--it's not an exact science. And make no mistake she knows what's going on and sometimes the pointing/starting/questioning does get to her--she comes back and reports to me often about kids who don't talk to her but who are point at her arm or kids who keep asking about her limb differences--she knows what's up. But that girl lives her life unapologetically and does exactly what makes her heart feel happy. Which makes my heart feel happy.  I hope she always lives her life with that kind of openness, self assurance and joy.

I always say she's the bravest girl I know and it's true in so many ways.

The girls played, we (mostly) sat and watched. We even braved a family dinner in the heart of OTR on a Friday night and we had a great time. This picture I snapped at dinner is a good summary of our weekend--a little sassy, a little smiley, some giggles, a lot of light and love.

Spring, I'm picking up what you're throwing down... if this was a little preview of summer I'm in.
I'm all in.


  1. I was an extremely overweight child. I was stared at, made fun of constantly, no one wanted to hold my hand or be my partner during various school/extra-curricular activities. It was my own kind of disability and DAMN I wish I had been more like LAMP. She inspires me.

    1. Oh Allison--that sounds awful. For what's it's worth I feel like I need a little more Lamp-itutde in my life as well. Doing what makes my heart feel happy--onlookers and naysayers be damned!--is easier said than done. We can always start now though, right? And if not right now, then the next now. There are always more nows.

    2. Miggy-- You are so right about "right now, the next now, etc..." I am happy to say that my rough beginnings made me the stronger/better/happier adult I am today. I just wish that I had had more LAMP in me as a kid. Is it taught? Is it just her nature? Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle it up and sell it :)

  2. HI there,my 3 year old daughter also has a leg length discrepancy and we've just learned about this othotic/prothestic option for her. So neat to see it in action! Is leg lengthening surgery something you might consider in the future?
    Thanks for sharing!