This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Bathroom Renovation Update

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bathroom Renovation Update

I bought a bath tub last weekend. An old cast iron claw foot tub--in fact the rusty, green number you see above. The enamel is chipped around the edges a bit, the paint is all peeled around the outside. It's exactly what I always dreamed of. We're going to get it fixed up of course--professionally re-enameled, painted on the outside--but actually purchasing the tub has made everything all the more real.

But phew! this has been quite a process. We're not doing the work ourselves and so finding the right people for the job (hopefully... knock-on-wood we don't end up on one of those our-contractor-screwed-us-over shows) has taken time, then setting up meetings, getting quotes back, more meetings, more quotes, shopping for materials and still waiting on some quotes before we can actually schedule the start date. But it's soon!

This is the first major renovation we've ever done. And we have always, always had really old, out of date bathrooms. And thankfully the bathrooms aren't "sorta nice, but not my style" they're bad. So, so bad. We're starting with the main bathroom--the one the girls use and also the ones guests use as well. It's a 2.5 bathroom home, so other than the master, this is it! And here are some before pictures to feast your eyes on:

See how there is a little hallway with closet doors on either side? We're going to be reconfiguring this whole space, pushing the bathroom all the way out to the main hall, eliminating this little entry way to the bathroom. We'll still have closets, but they will be accessed from the main hall as well.

And now behold...mid century meets country bumpkin. Blue mid century tile all around and then wood paneling across the top. I intentionally left the toilet paper on the floor just to accentuate the awfulness of this bathroom. And the brown towels and (ha I just noticed this!) the toilet paper roll sitting on the towel bar. A really bad before picture always makes for a great after picture.

And here is what I'm envisioning for this bathroom below. Modern brass fixtures, a mid century  style buffet turned vanity, vintage medicine cabinets (also in brass), clawfoot tub, white subway tile, white hex tile, brass sconces and a little greenery in there somewhere.

Bathroom remodel
Modernica garden planter / Pottery Barn Vintage Medicine Cabinet / Sample Color Swatch of Snow White 3x6 Glass Subway Tile for Kitchen... / SomerTile 10.5x11-inch Victorian Hex Glossy White Porcelain Mosaic... / West Elm sideboard / KOHLER Purist 8 in. 2-Handle Wall-Mount Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet Trim... / 10 Trendy Clawfoot Tubs Vintage, Bold Rustic / Cedar Moss

I know brass, white and black are very of the moment, but I also think it will wear well for years to come. I'm trying to convince myself that these styles are timeless (and I honestly think they are) but it seems inevitable that everything goes in and out of style eventually. When we first got married the neutral I was in love with was brown. I still like the color brown in general, especially when it comes to wood, but I have not bought anything brown for my home in probably since my second year of marriage. But I still think black and white is a pretty good way to go. And since I can't predict or control what I will or will not like in the future, I'm going to go ahead and go with what I like now.

Also, buying the clawfoot tub...I had this moment where I was like, "Am I allowed to do this? Am I allowed to get exactly what I like? For no other reason than I want to?" I've talked about this before but home decor is one of those things that I really love and enjoy, but I have a hard time pulling the trigger and really going for it all the way. Most of the rooms in my house have a few key things missing that I've been wanting for a while, but pulling the trigger and getting that last rug, or finishing the closets just feel...something. Extravagant maybe? Part of it is worrying about perception--I'm not an interior designer who am I to have a beautiful home? Do other people think I'm being too fancy, and thus shallow? The main part is just about my own insecurities with spending money and having what I want and feeling deserving...I'm sure I feel that way in other areas of my life, but nothing brings this feeling out in me more than when it comes to decorating my house. Anyone else relate? Thoughts? 


  1. I think your plans are great and you're so right -- black and white is timeless! I keep thinking about a new entryway light-something lantern style, but like you, just can't pull the trigger as the one we have is fine - not gorgeous - but fine. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas -- must think about it for a while longer! Good luck with the renovation!

    1. Right? I dislike almost every single light fixture in our house and except for our dining room and the 3 pendants over the kitchen island, I can't pull the trigger on anything else! I mean a single light fixture could change the entire look of a room, but I feel stuck. Yes, lets shoot for Christmas. :)

  2. You need to do a blog of your house tour! Loved your living room so much!

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    This looks fabulous! I would love to see your ideas for making the bathroom manageable for Lamp on her own when she's older. I already love that you are widening the entry/ doorway so a wheelchair could fit. Beautiful color scheme too.

    1. Yes, making this bathroom accessible is definitely a priority for us. We're going to be adding a zero entrance shower as well. We can't do much about the overall width of the space, but the shower should make a huge difference and make it much more well as the wider door.

  4. I totally get your feeling of not feeling like you're allowed to do something. I always feel like I'm not "cool" enough to wear certain trends or like certain shows, or decorate my house certain ways. It's definitely an insecurity thing. My husband thinks its crazy and says I should just do whatever I want...and I'm getting better about just doing it.

  5. This is going to be AWESOME.

  6. I kind of love the blue tile in the before, but the after will look amazing.
    Also, I totally feel you on that last paragraph. I just got a really nice (to me) car and I felt so weird and spoiled to have something so nice... even though I worked hard for it.

  7. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Curious - are you planning this bathroom with features that will allow Lamp more independency as she grows? I'm assuming she can't reach the average sink for washing hands and so on.

    All the stuff you pick out is so gorgeous!