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Friday, March 04, 2016

Spotlight Success

                                                                                                               photo by Momoko Fritz

So honored to be featured over at DesignMom this week! I absolutely adore Gabby and have been a DM fan from the early days. I also love DM home tours and was delighted when I was invited to participate. I would have linked earlier but we've actually been gone all week on a cruise--no internet connection! A blessing and a curse!--Anyway, welcome to all the new friends who have stopped by. For those of who haven't seen it yet, you can read the full home tour here. XO Migs 

Forgive me again for another spotlightless week! It happens... the spotlight can be a little feast or famine sometimes and I've learned to roll with it.

I wanted to share something with you though. A while back on one of my instagram posts featuring a special needs family I received the following comment:

Simple, yet powerful! ps. Thank you for doing the special needs spotlight! One of the Spotlights I read a few years ago about FPIES helped me recognize it is my step-sisters son, and she was able to get the help she needed for it. 

That little "ps" was a monumental virtual hug, high-five, and slap on the back for me. I can't even tell you how much it means to receive emails and comments from people letting me know how the spotlight has helped them.  I love these emails + comments! They are like oxygen to this little blog of mine. And then, to hear that once again, it actually helped someone in the real world get the help they needed for their child? I can barely comprehend that. Yes, it has happened before! A mother whose daughter I spotlighted was undiagnosed, after doing the SNS a woman read it and suggest that her daughter might have a certain turned out to be right. You can read the post here. To me these have been two of the biggest unexpected miracles of doing this series. Once again I am so grateful to all the family and people who have shared their stories, their children, their family and their hearts with me and my readers. It has meant so much. In terms of disability I see the world so very differently than I did before and I think most people assume that is all because of Lamp, but she is only half of the equation. The other half of the equation is the special needs spotlight. I can honestly say that 4 years and 130+ interviews later, I am a changed person and I hope to continue to do this as long as people are willing to share their stories with me.

Thank you so much for contributing, reading and sharing these stories. These are more than just stories of special needs and disability, these are human stories. And the great thing about human stories is that there are always universal lessons and applications regardless of the circumstances. When we listen to each other, we learn from each other and ultimately we love each other. That is the hope at least.

Have a great weekend! And please if you or someone you know would like to participate in the special needs spotlight and be a part of this amazing community of sharers and teachers please email me at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com.


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  1. The girl has so beautiful eyes. Bless her!