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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Feature in Little Peanut Magazine

I am so honored to be featured in Little Peanut's current Winter issue. If you're not familiar, Little Peanut is an online parenting magazine heavy on style and beautiful images. Which, once again, makes me so glad that I had my friend Mo of Momoko Photography come and take some beautiful pictures of me and the girls this past summer. (If you're in Chicago, or close by, check her out. Her work is fantastic and having 3 boys herself, she's great with kids.) 

The feature is so lovely. I'm really happy to have Little Peanut--a publication that is so heavily focused on style--reach out to discuss special needs and our family's journey. It's not because I think they're doing anything exceptional per se, I think they are doing what everyone should be doing... including families and people of all abilities in a well designed and beautiful parenting magazine. But of course in a way it is exceptional, and I appreciate it. (I felt equally grateful/happy to be interviewed by Mother Mag earlier this year for the very same reasons.) I hope you enjoy the interview especially because I can never talk about our journey without talking about the work I do here with the Special Needs Spotlight and all the amazing families who have allowed me to share their stories over the years. I get emails from people telling me what a difference it's made in their life and how thankful they are to find stories similar to their own, and those emails mean the world to me. You have no idea...they really, really do. But even if I never got a single email from anyone else, doing the special needs spotlight has been a life changing endeavor for me and something I will always be thankful for.  All of your stories have completely shaped the way I see the world and how do you thank someone for that? You can't. But I'll do it anyway.

Thank you.

Thank you to all my readers and to all my spotlight families and any one else who has been a part of this little blog and our journey over the years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

XO Migs

Flip through the magazine here. We're on page 77.


  1. What a nice feature story about you and your lovely girls!

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    You are becoming quite famous ;-)