Monday, November 02, 2015

Fare Thee Well, October

Super fun to see this picture re-grammed by Freshly Picked and I Am Adaptive this past weekend.

I started this post as a short Halloween weekend recap and quickly realized I needed to document the entire magical month of October.

October, you've been good to use this year. If your job has anything to do with filling our hearts and souls in preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving, then you've done your job well. We've had gorgeous weather, fantastic foliage, beautiful pumpkin patches, amazing late afternoon light, farms with barns, fun class parties and a banner year of trick or treating. You really came through for us October and I thank you mightily. I'm going to get over my insecurity of posting a bunch of iPhone pictures and just go for it...even through an inferior lens you're looking pretty good Octy. Tober? Either way you should be proud of yourself. I sure am.

A beautiful Saturday afternoon pumpkin patch excursion where the light could not have been more heavenly. Field of dreams ya'll... field. o. dreams.

I'm riding along with my little cow pokes somewhere in here and my husband says, See? Don't say I never take any pictures of you. 

We've had quiet mornings of coloring and watching sisters become friends. 

We've had impromptu backyard family soccer games after dinner...

and a backyard trapeze performance.

Snapping pictures just because my beautiful girls are growing up before my eye, or

because of first time pony-tails on a baby who is almost no longer a baby, or...

because I can't believe I have a daughter old enough to read Harry Potter out loud to me while I do the dishes. All of this! Bounty. Fullness. Beauty. 

We went to our friends farm with a beautiful old barn and 

and a half pipe.

And another pumpkin patch. My kind of farm.

An entire afternoon was spent collecting and arranging leaves. First like this...

then like this...

then like this...

maybe on black.

Also, I have a thing for teeny, tiny leaves.

Bring me all the tiny leaves please!

Or leave them on the tree...that's good too.

One afternoon there was the perfect fall, sunshiny rainstorm--a meteorological unicorn if you will--so I ran outside with my camera and tried to capture it on film. Not as good as the real thing, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

And then Halloween. Once again dad won best parent by carving Zuzu a beloved Mickey Mouse pumpkin.

I surprised both of my big girls by showing up for their class parties...I think Ariel was happy.

Making slime with PSP's class (though they weren't allowed costumes. Sad face.)

And Halloween night we took one flapper girl, Hermoine Granger and a costume resistant toddler out trick or treating in our neighborhood that was full of fire pits and people waiting to greet you on porches in chilly, but mild weather. The rain held off until later that evening. Win!

My heart is full. My cup runneth over.
Lets do this again next year October.

In the meantime, bring it November. You've got big shoes to fill.


  1. Still enjoy following your adventures after 6 years of reading your blog!

    1. Thanks DBrez! I enjoy your support!

  2. Cynthia Greathouse11:39 PM

    " I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
    -L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

    Lovely Baby Girl, simply lovely! So glad we could share Halloween with you!

    Love, Hugs & Kisses,

  3. Jill P.12:59 PM

    I agree! This October totally outdid itself. That gorgeous rainstorm was such a sight! We caught a rainbow; kids were ecstatic! :)

    1. Right? And these first few days of November are killing it! Such a lovely fall.

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Wonderful post! I have a quick question if you are willing to comment: my two year old daughter has underlying conditions that have resulted in walking difficulties (nerve damage in her feet due to tethered cord, bilateral club foot etc.). She was so winded during trick or treating, yet wanted to be like her big brother and climb every set of stairs to get to the doorbell / folks waiting. How did Lamp fair in terms of accessing doors? Any suggestions for next year as we anticipate further degeneration of movement?

    1. So Lamp has a power chair and that worked pretty well. Of course she has to stop at the stairs, but people were really nice to come down the porch steps to give her candy. However, her battery went dead (it's always something!) so we had to ditch it on a neighbors lawn while we finished up...luckily we had brought our double stroller for she happily (I guess, sometimes a little impatiently but mostly happily because she knows there's no other way) rode in the double stroller while we went door to door. Again, seeing the double stroller and knowing we weren't going to lift it up the stairs most people walked down their porch steps to hand her candy. Otherwise we would go up and get it for her.

      If your daughter's walking is going to degenerate further are you guys considering a wheelchair or power chair of some sort in the future for general use? It can definitely be daunting, but I couldn't imagine life for Lamp without one.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Thanks for the reply. Currently, the thought is that she will need to move to leg braces. Prenatally, they suggested that she might never walk, so we're so thrilled with the mobility that she has and are just preparing to support her in whatever way we need to. We have also had to learn to let go of our own issues (there was a period when she needed a walker and we were resistant to the idea) but it was really what she needed at the time. Currently, we are just trying to let her guide us. For trick or treating, we ended up carrying her for the second half of the night so that she could keep up with her five year old brother. I don't know if she'll need a chair in the future, but it is wonderful to read your experiences with it with Lamp. It is wonderful to hear that folks came down the porch stairs and I'm sorry about the battery. Thanks again.