Monday, October 12, 2015

Updated Spooky Halloween Family Photos

                                                                                                           original photo by Anita Warnick

I love holiday decorating as much as the next person and one of my favorite things to do for Halloween is to switch out regular family photos with spooky ones I've edited using the Pic Monkey online photo editing tool. (Not a sponsored post btw.) Pic Monkey makes it super easy to add a little spookiness to your photos as they have an entire Halloween section in their editing tools. Many of you long time readers may remember this zombie photo of me, as I've been milking the freaked-out, 'did you show your kids this photo of you?' reaction for about 4 years now. I figured it was time for an update. (And yes I did show them. They laughed. But it's been a while, not sure if they'd have the same reaction.) 

You can add crazy filters, change skin color, change eye color, add pockmarks, bruises, scars, blood drips, cat silhouettes, vampire teeth, spider webs, ghosts...the list goes on and on. You can really go super crazy and make your photos completely outrageous. What I've learned is that I like a 'less is more' approach. In my opinion just one or two changes make the photo definitely creepy yet still somewhat realistic, which totally makes people do a double-take. My favorite reaction! Hoo ha ha ha...

For the photo above, all I did was add the green skin color.  That, coupled with the red lipstick and the black & white striped baby onesie, makes this the perfect nod to the Wicked Witch. Here is a screen shot of me in the process of giving myself the perfect witchy complexion. To get right up against the edge of my hand I just adjusted the brush size. If I went outside the line, I just clicked on the eraser tool and erased the green outside of my skin. Easy!

I love using black and white photos (or editing them to black and white) as they've already got such a great moody feel to them. In this photo of Lamp below all I did was add a crazy eye color and dark circles under her eyes...subtle but so effective!  Spooky right? I know that everyone has a different comfort level when making a photo of your child look spooky, but for me these are fun and just the right amount of spooky. 
                                                                                                        original photo by Momoko Fritz 

I wanted to show you up close how to do the eye ones--you simply click on the eye icon and it will pop up.  They you drag it into place and adjust the size.  Then if you need to remove part of it because the entire iris isn't showing, just click on the eraser tool (in that box on the left) and erase the part you don't want. So easy.

For this last one I decided to give them a vampire make-over with some pale skin, vampire teeth and red hued eyes. Cutest lil' vampires I ever saw.
                                                                                                  original photo by Momoko Fritz

Like I said, just throwing them in the place of where I'd normally have a family photo is a fun and sometimes funny way to decorate for Halloween. It even takes a while for the kids to notice, but once they do they're totally into it. I'd actually like to switch out all the family photos in the gallery wall below some day, I think that would be great!

My favorite this year is definitely my green skinned witchy self holding sweet baby Zuzu, but I think this lady below will always be my favorite.
                                                                                               original photo by Rachel Thurston

Happy Halloween!


  1. I typically don't like scary things, but love this! Just a touch of eerie for Halloween, and clever too!

    Also, it's a reminder that I need to get some family photos out at some point. Ha! I've got art on every wall and not a family portrait in sight. Dang.

  2. ahh, these are all soo good!

  3. Very cool!!Thanks to your photos, I learned about the picnic. I love photography, but to my shame still has not mastered Photoshop and use the usual basic photo editors(gimp, sometimes trying macphun but it is hard for me too). Sometimes I want find something interesting to create a photo..and know i will start to learn picmonkey. thanks!

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