Monday, August 17, 2015

Miggy's Music Monday: Tanlines

If you have a soft spot in your heart for Erasure, OMD and other electro pop bands from the 80's you're going to love Tanlines. I first heard the song All of Me on a friends video and immediately connected with the song.  So I googled Tanlines and fell in love with the whole album Mixed Emotions (also their debut album, released in 2012). Songs like All of Me and Green Grass are these really full, dance-in-your-kitchen catchy pop songs that don't miss a single note.  While other songs like Yes Way and Real Life have a thinner, almost sparse feel to them but somehow still work. All together it's a great album from start to finish with the right mix of cohesion and variety. As I said, I googled this song when I first heart it... I have googled songs from commercials, TV shows, even looking up a track list on the radio to find out what song I just heard. Sometimes I find an entire album or new-to-me artist I love, other times I realize it's just a single song, but either way it's worth it. Anyone else ever go down the google rabbit hole in search of a song they just couldn't get out of their mind?

Check out Tanlines on Spotify here.


  1. yep! and i also have this neat app called SoundHound that you turn on while a song is playing and it will tell you title and artist...which works great for me because i'm usually driving and forget to look up a song until i hear it again! :)

  2. Fun band! Thanks. ... One time I googled and googled until I found a song that I had to identify from the only part I could remember from the radio, which was Eh Eh Oh Eh Oh. :) Found it after a LONG search, but I was so glad I stuck it out! It was Bastille's Pompeii.