This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 10 Years Gone, Rolling On

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Years Gone, Rolling On

A little recap of our long weekend in NYC celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  

As the husband and I were sitting in our rented row boat in the middle of the lake, in the middle of Central Park (which happens to be in the middle of New York City) he said to me, We never argue when we're on vacation alone together. 

I know, I said.  Not even a little bit. 

With wide eyes he looked at me and said, It's the kids.  

It's the kids.  I agreed, shaking my head in faux disgust.

As I sat there I thought about how I've always felt that the main problem with The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is that when you have two people dating under fairy-tale like circumstances--no jobs to wake up to, no kids around, no chores or responsibilities but plenty of helicopter rides, dream dates and expensive champagne flowing free and easy--of course you fall in love. The problem is you're falling in love with dreamy circumstances and the one dimensional side of someone's personality who you've known for oh, 3 whole weeks. This of course makes it very difficult to transition back into reality and still be 'in love' with the same person. It's way too shallow of an experience to fortify real bonds of love.

BUT for some reason this same fairy-tale, one dimensional escape in marriage is exactly what we need from time to time. Daily life is stressful and for the most part we work really well together as a team and we still manage to love and laugh even in trying circumstances. But its really great to see that if you strip away everything and it's just us, we really still like each other!

Good to know.

How can you tell we're on a flight without our kids?  We're smiling. I used to always complain about flying before I had kids, especially if there was a delay. But now if I get the chance to fly without my kids it's the best, no matter what. A delay? Fantastic, that's 2 more hours of alone time.

Dominique Ansel Bakery proved to be one of my husbands favorites--especially the DKA which some say is better than the cronut. We might have gone back 3 times. Cookie shots, DKA's and the frozen s'more as seen above.

We go to the city to get out in nature.  Really though, it was so nice to be staying a couple of blocks from Central Park.  

A photo of us up in Ft. Tryon park in our old 'hood.  Also, my husband calls this look bohemian linebacker. Fist bump...I'l take it.

We got all fancy for our big anniversary dinner. 14 delicious courses and we even got a kitchen tour because we're really important. OK, because we asked and they humored us. Definitely an experience we won't forget (or repeat, as my husband reminds me) anytime soon!

Some of the delicious food we demolished from Eleven Madison Park, Dominique Ansel and Babbo.  See how tiny that radish slice is???  I want to grow tiny vegetables. Someone please be my tiny vegetable growing coach. This has to be a thing.

The 9/11 memorial museum. This was really amazing and of course heart wrenching. We spent about 3 hours there and could have stayed longer. It's very emotional, but I highly recommend.

This was actually our first time doing the row boats in Central Park.  Look at that dreamy man of mine. (Looky, no touchy.)

We tried to go to the MoMA but didn't have time...luckily the Banksy piece was just down the block from us so I counted it as our artistic enlightenment.

I have no idea where we saw this--we were all over that city--but I like to think of it as a little air kiss from NYC to me. Cigarette butts and all.

While no one else is pictured here we also got to see a lot of friends while in the city. Always one of my favorite parts of visiting. This was the perfect amount of time with friends, time by ourselves, doing lots of stuff and chilling. As most of you know we moved here 2 weeks after our wedding and spent the first 4 years of our married life here.  I became a mom here. This city will always have a piece of my heart and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until next time....


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    1. haha--yep. I didn't think this was a big secret anymore as plenty of people say my name on my IG account. But make no mistake, I will delete a comment in a nano second that uses my kids names. :)

  2. Totally agree. We've been married 29 years, 5 kids. We just went on an alone weekend as youngest was on trek. I told his mom,"Wereally like each other still and have fun and don't fight without the kids!" Good for you guys getting away.

  3. The vacation we just wrapped up was magical like that as well. And we even had our kids with us! It's just so much easier to get along when you only have a fraction of the normal stressors around.