This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 1 Hour Makeover

Monday, August 31, 2015

1 Hour Makeover

Easily the most neglected room in the entire house has been Zuzu's bedroom. I've had a few different projects in mind for her room but they've taken the back burner time after time. It has been almost untouched since we first moved in and simply put the basics in there--crib, dresser, shelves, chairs.  It's a total blank slate. There was not a single picture, decoration or anything hung on the walls. I kept thinking about the overall look and colors I wanted in this room, but I never had a clear picture in my head... so I never moved on it.

Finally I decided enough was enough this past weekend and I gave myself the challenge of doing a one hour makeover on her bedroom using things we already have around the house. I didn't need to go on a shopping spree, I didn't need to research Pinterest for hours, I just needed to get a little creative and move some stuff around.

The before pictures:


The addition of the rug packs the biggest visual punch. I LOVE this rug and have had it in my studio, but it didn't really fit in there.  I had thought about using it in Zuzu's room before, but I back when she was taking bottles all the time I didn't want it to get stained. She still drinks milk and sometimes in her room, but not really while laying down on the I'm less worried. Also taking the rug out of the studio was a win for both spaces and the studio is back to being mostly white and I really love that.

I have always loved this little kid chair I thrifted years ago and just folded her baby quilt over it, hung a painting of mine above (which technically is still not quite finished) and added this vintage market basket filled with books next to her chair.  Cute and cozy. 

Of course styling is a big factor in making a room work, so I put her prettiest toys front and center--the Maileg circus tent (which goes well with the DIY Roar banner I made), her little rag doll I made last Christmas with her doll pram and her rocking lamby. I hung some hooks that once belonged in PSP's room and ta-da!  

Makeover. Fist bump. Boom. 

1 hour isn't a lot of time--I only hung 1 picture, the banner and 2 hooks, so the walls could definitely still use some more pictures. I also rearranged the closet to allow for more storage, including hiding the giant trash can in there--a left over trash can from back in the day when we had Lamp's g-tube to change ever night and needed a bigger trash can for the nursery. I didn't do anything with the shelves, but that's OK. This is definitely not a final stopping point. I still have plans for a reading nook and a more cohesive space--but for now, for one hour and zero dollars this is a huge improvement. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I am such a big believer in surrounding ourselves with beauty--spiritually and physically--because beauty elevates.

If anyone else out there is living with a space you don't love, take the 1 hour makeover challenge and see if you can turn it around! Or have you already done something similar--if so did you love the results? 

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