This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Miggy's Music Monday

Monday, July 06, 2015

Miggy's Music Monday

I honestly can't remember exactly what year it was--which only ads to the old lady reminiscing vibe I've got going here--but somewhere around 2002 or 2003 was the year I dubbed my rock 'n roll summer.  I have always loved shows and concerts and went as often as possible, but this one summer was magical. Somehow my bestie and I had the best luck--OK and swagger--ever as we finagled our way to backstage passes, front row tickets and hanging out on tour busses a time or two.  My bestie worked at Red Bull and so one time we were able to parlay her job into a service worker entrance pass for  the Van's Warped Tour.  We didn't have any contacts or an official invite, but we showed up with a 6 cases of Red Bull and a cooler and they let us in. We seriously couldn't believe it worked. Upon getting our wrist bands we promptly learned these were NOT backstage passes as we had through they were, but as a little exchange from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones--we brought them a case of Red Bull and they got us some backstage passes--and we were living the dream the rest of the day.  We just hung out on the tour bus for a while until the passes could be secured.  For a couple of 20-something music junkies this was the best.  That day we got to watch some of amazing bands from the stage as they did their thing and I would love to say we played it cool but we were giddy little school girls. Perma-grins, bouncing up and down...the whole bit.

Somehow that summer this became our regular... I got to meet my hugest musical crush since Robert Plant, Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional (above photo) and we even got front row tickets--courtesy of Dashboards drummer--to a Dashboard and Weezer concert.  Our pictures were on That's me front row reaching my arm out.

So it's hard to believe that as of now it's been years--maybe 9--that I have been to a show.  The Miggy of yesteryear would have never believed this would happen...but the tired mom in me believes it. However that streak is about to end as I've got tickets to see one of my very favorite bands Band of Horses and some guy named Neil Young next week and I'm really, really excited. A month or two ago my husband talked about how much he loves playing soccer every week with his club, his exact words were it makes me feel alive. Music, especially live shows, makes me feel alive, which makes it all the more sad that it's been so long!  But no more, this summer is a return to concert going...I'm hoping to attend at least 3 shows.

In addition to loving music, I love to SHARE music. In high school I was an avid mix tape maker and especially loved to make Led Zeppelin mixes for those musically challenged souls who needed a little Led in their lives. The first gift I ever gave B was a mix CD.  We danced to it on our first date. So I decided the blog and IG would be the perfect place to share music with people.  I might share an entire band, an album or even just a favorite song. New, old, popular, obscure it doesn't really matter. Either way I hope you enjoy this new little series.

Last week on IG I shared one of my favorite duos of the past couple of years First Aid Kit. Check out the IG recommendation here.

Here's this weeks recommendation:

Today we’re going old school, back to the first band I was ever legitimately obsessed with, my first love so to speak--Led Zeppelin. The first time I heard the name Led Zeppelin was in the 8th grade and I remember putting them in the same category as Megadeath, Ratt and Slayer.  Um, super different.  It wasn’t until I heard Fool in the Rain in high school and asked a friend who IS this and when she replied ‘Led Zeppelin’ that I flipped my lid. I’ve been a devoted Led head ever since. Led Zeppelin is a band we could go on and on about forever, so to just throw the whole band at you today is too much, instead we’re going to start with Fool in the Rain. While this is one my personal favorite Led Zeppelin songs it’s not necessarily one of their all time bests--I get that--but it’s a great gateway song for those of you who’ve ever wondered about Led Zeppelin and think they might not be for you--especially, dare I say it--if you’re a girl. It’s a pop-y, catchy tune and I love that this is a song about a boy rather pathetically head over heels for a girl… in high school I was a sucker for that stuff because I honestly never saw it in real life. Other good intro to Led Zeppelin songs are D’yer Mak’r, All of My Love and Tangerine.

What's your favorite Led Zeppelin Song? Lets just all agree not to say Stairway to Heaven. :) Also, I'm dying to know...what do you do that makes you feel alive???


  1. Anything Robert Plant sang with his shirt unbuttoned is my favorite. Best concert memory: Van Morrison in Boston with my cousins Bill and Joe!

  2. My favorite song is probably the one they play on work that I have no ability to remember the name of. It's a running joke, I know the covers better still. Best concert - I've loved every single concert I've attended, they're all the best until next concert. But US tour end of Revamp, Sabaton and Iced Earth remains one of the best.

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