This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I Left My Heart in Texas

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Left My Heart in Texas

Dinner at Rodeo Goat in Dallas.  Great burgers and ambiance if you're in the 'hood.  

OK, not really. (NOT REALLY B!) I need to shout that so B knows I don't mean it.  My heart, as always, belongs wherever my family is.  But I left some of my very best friends in Texas, which is like leaving a little piece of my heart.

Last week Lamp and I took a trip to Texas for business and pleasure.  Except that I'm going to stop saying the word pleasure, because eww.  So the business portion of the trip was to see Lamp's doctors in Dallas and the fun part of the trip was seeing our friends in San Antonio.  But really taking a trip with just Lamp was super fun all on its own. From the airplane ride on we had a great time and I realized that I really want to do more one on one traveling with my littles as they grow. I've always suspected I'm one of those moms who will enjoy having older kids a little bit more and I'll submit this trip as evidence A.  Because airplane travel with a 4 year old is awesome.

Kicking off the trip with silly selfies in the terminal and on the plane was a great way to start.  

The business was good.  Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas in a phenomenal place and really THE place for Lamp.  Which is funny because Cincinnati prides itself on it's amazing Children's hospital, one of the best in the world.  Lamp was born here, B did his residency here, we know the place and agree that it's a great hospital. A few people have asked us why we would go to Dallas when we have a great place at our fingertips. In case there are any fellow limb different moms out there, I'll just tell you that over the years we've met a lot of really good orthopedic surgeons, but only one Dr. Herring.  He works specifically with limb differences.  When we lived here in Cincy and saw a team of Dr's who said more than once, I've never seen anyone like her before.  Dr. Herring is the only doctor who has ever said, I've seen a hundred kids like her. And it's true. Not to mention he is a very kind man.  I've written about our trips in the past for any fellow limb different/orthopedic moms you can read these posts here and here.  (The hospital also runs a camp for limb different kids each summer and we can't wait to go next year.  You do have to be a patient of the hospital to participate, but please email me if you have any questions.)  

But San Antonio.... sigh.  It was dreamy.  Cinderella--the 80's band not the Disney princess--really sums up my feelings well in their 1988 power ballad Don't know what you've got till it's gone.  Everything from the weather to the local eateries to my favorite 'hoods was tugging at my heart-strings. And then there are our friends. You know how there are people in your life whose presence you try so hard to be in as often as possible because for whatever reason you just click?  Sure there are obvious connections like interests, background and personality but for some people this magnetic attraction goes beyond the things that look good on paper. There is, as my French friends say, that certain je ne sais quoi.  (pssst...I don't have any French friends). Now the truly amazing thing is when these awesome/amazing/funny/cool people you are drawn to so much want to be your friend just as badly.  Boom. That is friendship magic to the max and it doesn't happen very often, so when it does you treasure it. That is my friends in San Antonio. Friends who drive up to Dallas with 2 kiddos, stayed the night with us in a hotel, hang out in Dallas during our appointments and then drive us all back down to San Antonio so we could hang out for the weekend.  5 hours each way with a 4 year old and almost 2 year old in tow. Friends who invite us to stay in their home complete with a Lamp size bed on the floor (as requested because Lamp rolls off her low-to-the-ground bed erry night) and a basket of snacks, water, chapstick and welcome cards from her kiddos waiting for us on the bedside table.
Friends who call before you're even in town wondering where you are and when you'll get here and who come by for a spontaneous last minute visit the night before you leave.

I love these women and their families to the moon and back.

A couple more pics of our trip...
Tea parties on the mini trampoline.  Brilliant.

Backyard swinging.

The kids decided to do kiddie yoga one day there was a part of the video where they were supposed to make spectacles for the eyes and when I looked over I saw Lamps friend helping her out.  I absolutely love watching children figure out ways to include Lamp in activities and outings.

Visiting our favorite story time reader ever, Miss Anastasia. If you live in SA make sure you head to Twigg bookstore in the Pearl on Friday morning at 10:30 for story time.  You will not be disappointed.

We had so much fun.  But as much as fun as we had with our friends and San Antonio, coming back home trumps everything.  Always.

XO  Migs

sorry for the radio silence...should be back to regular posting this week.  Still looking for spotlight volunteers so please email me if you'd like to participate!  If you know someone who would make a good spotlightee please have them email me. I really need to hear from a participant first hand to do a spotlight.  Thx!


  1. woukd do it all over again! Seeing you was good for my soul <3

  2. Okay, kind of tearing up here reading about your trip to see old friends. I need a trip to see old friends soon. And, your long natural hair is looking awesome. Please dish. Layers? Styling? You know I've got great dark hair too, but I've struggled for awhile getting the perfect 'do. I'm far enough away that I could just copy yours, no?