This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Sorry for the radio silence but we're currently in Southern Florida on an early Spring Break recharging our batteries and oh my gosh soaking up the sun.  Not just any sun, but a sun that actually produces heat unlike our current sun in Ohio.  I've been sharing lots of pics via Instagram so feel free to follow along if ya want to.  Either way, no pressure.

And unlike some vacations where you come home reiterating that cheesy catchphrase I need a vacation from my vacation, we are actually vacationing.  Our #1 plan has been have no plans and we've been sticking that like our sanity depends on it.  Because it does.  The beach and eating good food have been our other 2 top priorities.  Here are a few pictures of our time down here so far and please excuse the selfies, but I didn't get a spray tan for nothing.  Posting will be minimal, but I think we've got ourselves a spotlight so stay tuned.


ps.  So far Zuzu hates the sand. HATES. Has not, will not set foot on it, even with her shoes on. We did manage to get her to finally sit on a beach towel on top of the sand. But on the pro side, she's been extra cuddly on the beach and won't leave the safe nest of a beach chair for anything... which is like a built in babysitter.  So, win?  


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Looks so dreamy!!! Glad you guys got some much needed rest! :) - Nita

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