This Little Miggy Stayed Home: How to Tie Your Moccasins (and keep them from coming untied in the first place)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Tie Your Moccasins (and keep them from coming untied in the first place)

Or my most important post ever.

You guys know that I'm all about spreading awareness. Well lets just open the awareness gates a little wider to include really important topics like "how to make sure your moccasins don't come untied, but if they do come untied I have found the best youtube video ever to help you learn how to retie them." If you have moccasin slippers with leather laces chances are they've come untied, and to your everyday annoyance you've deduced that 1) moccasins aren't tied in the traditional manner of every other laced shoe known to mankind and 2) you have no idea how retie those mother freaking moccasin laces. I'm here to help.

As with most things in life prevention is the best course of action. When you buy your moccasin slippers with those perfectly tied moccasin laces, the first thing you should do when you get home is take some fabric glue and glue underneath and around those knots.

So I actually didn't glue these right when I got home as I should have. Then my precocious baby Zuzu got a hold of one mocc and undid the laces, which is actually a bit difficult so good job genius baby. For a few weeks now I've been walking around with one perfectly tied moccasin, and one moccasin that I've been tying and re-tying in vain, knowing it's not right but not knowing how to fix it.  Until Monday when enough was enough. I glued the good mocc laces in place and then spent a some time looking up every mocc tying tutorial on the internet. This is the best video by far.  If you read the comments people are like OMG thank you man! I was going crazy trying to figure this out! You're not alone friend, you're not alone. I suggest watching the video, pausing and repeating as necessary. I've also broken it down for you in pictures below:

1.  Left lace (which is also a little longer) under right.
2. With the new left lace make a loop and put the tail under.
3.  Take new right side and go over the top tucking underneath the loops.
4. Pull right side through leaving a little loop.
5 +6.  Take the end of that same loop and pull it around and through the loop you just made.
7.  Pull loop through.
8.  Tighten.

You really do need to watch the video, but the pictures should help too.

As I said before prevention is the best medicine, they're not perfect (my re-tied shoe is on the left) but so much better than before.  The ends of the laces are on the bottom, the top of my moccasins stay folded over, my annoyance levels return to normal and all is right with the world.  Whew!

Now it's time to go color code my socks and vacuum the silverware drawer.

Oh, and you're welcome.


  1. I was JUST asking my kids to please STOP untying my moccasins last night! Someone does it every single day! I will be retying and gluing tonight. Thanks for a very handy post. :)

    1. Right? So annoying! I'm so glad this important message reached at least one person out there today. :)

  2. Junebug5:33 PM

    THank you so much for this post. I actually googled "how to keep your moccasins from coming untied" just now and it brought me to your blog (which I've been reading for 2 years anyway)! You and I seem to be on the very same wavelength a lot of the time. Thanks again, and a virtual squeeze to all your lovely daughters.

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