This Little Miggy Stayed Home: My New Girl Crush: Taylor Swift

Thursday, January 08, 2015

My New Girl Crush: Taylor Swift

Like any good love story, I didn't see it coming.  When it comes to music I am the Grumpy Old Man. Kids these days they wouldn't know a good song if it hit them over the head.  Ha!  You think that's a chord progression?  I'll show you a decent chord progression?  These pop tarts can barely hold a note, let alone deliver an entire album.  Give me some real music!  I rarely jump on the bandwagon after one album.  No, I need to see that they're here to stay.  Millions of people write catchy songs, a handful can even make really impressive debut albums.  It's the rare few that manage to throw down a hand full of albums that hit the spot again and again, carving out a special place in music history and who happen to play good music that personally speaks to me.  I want that music.  Honestly I'm more picky about my musical selections that I was about the guys I dated in college.  So no one was more surprised than I was to find myself falling down a Taylor Swift rabbit hole youtube videos over Christmas break night after night.

The first time I was put on notice that Taylor was not just another cutout from the music industry machine was at my friends wedding a few years ago.  I was sitting next to a guy I vaguely knew growing up and come to find out he was a professor at Georgetown University.  Somehow the conversation changed to music and he said he really liked Taylor Swift.  This was several years ago when Tay Swift was still firmly planted in Country music and I said, What?  Taylor Swift?  C'mon! And smarty pants Ivy league professor was like, No, she's really good.  She writes all her own songs.  Really?

So here I am and I can honestly say I haven't had a girl crush like this since Gwen Stefani... and some of you may remember that I tend to take my crushes a little far.  Not that I need to convince you all, but let me make my case.  In addition to being a great songwriter, singer and performer she's adorably funny and smart.  Her Shake it Off video is all the proof I need of that.  Additionally, she loves her fans.  Many celebrities claim to love their fans, but Taylor Swift doesn't just say it, she believes it.  She invited 89 fans to each of her homes (she has like 5?) and played her entire 1989 album before the release date.  And made them cookies.  And she is incredibly nice and giving... many of you have probably seen her Christmas video.  The video where she shopped, wrapped and hand write Christmas greetings to many fans before personally sending off these amazing early Christmas gifts.  It's safe to say that Taylor lives in a world where she has more money than time, therefore it's all the more amazing that instead of going the easy route and simply throwing money at people Taylor is actually giving her most precious commodity--time.  Of course she wouldn't be getting all this attention if she wasn't really good at what she does, she's a great singer and a great songwriter.  Period.  Turns out I'm not the only one shocked at this revelation, Tay Swift is taking the world by storm... Check out SNL's Swftamine commercial here.

Anyone else suddenly and unexpectedly finding themselves a Taylor Swift fan?  Or have you been a fan for years and sick of all of us newbies finally coming to terms with what you've known for years? And for the love is there anyone with a heart of stone who is not taken with Tayor's music or her kind, kitten loving ways?  Also, I know this post is already video heavy, but speaking of celebrity crushes have you seen this Jimmy Fallon interview with Nicole Kidman?  I can't stop watching!  Hilarious awkwardness at it's best!  

Also,  I found this old video from a few years ago when Tay's first pop hit had us all dancing and singing along.  I still crack up at B's cameo part way through.


  1. Oh I love T-swizzle! The first time I heard her I was serving at the Olive Garden, and the radio was playing her back in the kitchen. I loved that she was like 16 or something and took EVERY opportunity to wear a fancy dress in her music videos. Anyways, I like that she keeps getting better and better and that she makes decisions about her work (taking it off spotify). Her op-ed in the wall street journal great. And! i also love that she loves and stalks her fans and just has a good time with her fame.

  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I got my daughter and I tickets to see TS this summer as her Christmas gift. DD is eight, and it will be her first concert! Cannot wait. Have you watched the behind-the-scenes youtube videos of the making of Shake It Off? Totally fantastic. And also the mom parody of Blank Space is pretty hilarious. Yes to Taylor Swift!

  3. I am such a new Taylor fan! I especially loved the video of the gifts she gave to her fans.

  4. Yes! Nothing but love for T. Swift. Even the earlier country stuff is not bad. However, I can't watch the early videos (so much shiny eye shadow, huge gowns and general cheesiness!) She is irresistible and the Shake It Off video is perfection.

  5. I really hate pop country so I wasn't crazy about her music before. I am definitely a fan of this album! My kids and I love to dance around to every song.

  6. My appreciation for 1989 was reluctant at first, but I just can't help it, I like Taylor now too!

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