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Monday, December 01, 2014

Living in Beauty

So you guys, my back... it's doing a lot better.  I still have a ways to go, but I can walk now without being twisted in pain (yay!) but I am still not supposed to pick up anything heavier than 10 pounds.  Which is easier said than done with a baby and a 4 year old who can't walk, but it has been doable so far thanks to my husband, our babysitter and friends who have come to the rescue.  Should be making a full recovery in the next few weeks.  

A while ago I signed up for a flower arranging class through a local workshop dedicated to bringing Cincinnati creatives together.  The class ended up being a couple days after my trip to the ER for my back so it seemed like a bad idea to continue on with the class.   But I had really been looking forward to going.  So hopped up on some potent pain meds, and with a heads-up to the Shoppeclass people who were great and more than willing to lend me an extra hand, I had a great time.  Flower arranging is one of those things that I think I could be good at, but not knowing the basics (including not being that familiar with many flowers outside of roses, daisies and tulips) I've always been a little intimidated by the process.  It was so great going to a class, learning some really good and useful tips and now I actually feel like I could actually do this a regular basis.  A couple days after Thanksgiving as my centerpiece was starting to droop, I took it apart and made a couple smaller arrangements and put them around the house--nothing special, but I loved the feeling of creating more beauty from leftover beauty.  It is no secret that fresh flowers bring a room to life.  Literally, because they're alive, but also because they really elevate a room in style and beauty.  

In general I have a new goal of surrounding myself--my home and my family--with more beauty.  For example as much as I love home decor, one thing I feel like I could use more help in is the styling department, so I'm definitely going to focus a little more on that.  When I first expressed this to my husband he got one of those uh-oh looks on his face like, how much is this going to cost?*  And the thing is it's actually got very little to do with spending money.  I mean they're not totally disconnected--we're still buying stuff for our new home and stuff costs money and yes even flowers cost money--but overall I mean being more intentional about how my life looks and feels.  In many ways yes this will translate into objects we purchase, (i.e. spending money), but this also entails editing down the stuff that fills our home.  Additionally I want to fill my thoughts and my heart with more beauty as well--for me that looks like more meditation, scripture reading and other good books, art, pursuing virtues especially gratitude and more.

Anyone else feel like they could use more beauty in their life?  How do you go about creating a life surrounded by beauty?  Of course a big part of it is cultivating and nurturing relationships, but I also think our actual environments, our homes, play a large part in this as well.  And of course, it all starts from within.  I'd love to hear thoughts about how you intentionally create beauty in your life.

*OK so my husband may have had a little extra reason to worry as I've purchased a couple new rugs on ebay... one just because I loved it but am not sure yet where to put it, and the second one...lets just say I accidentally entered in a WAY TOO HIGH bid and was lucky that I won it with a not-nearly-as-high purchase price.  Phew!  Has that ever happened to anyone else?  

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  1. Reminded me of your little Lamp!!