This Little Miggy Stayed Home: DIY Christmas Presents

Monday, December 08, 2014

DIY Christmas Presents

When B and I first got married we decided that each year at least we would make one present for each other for Christmas.  The first few years we were really good at this, but as the years (and kids) have piled on, it's been harder and harder to make this happen.  I love a good homemade gift, even though some years our efforts have been--how do I say this--hilarious, I still love that we give it a go and try to do something more personal and meaningful for each other.  I also like doing something handmade for the girls, although again sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't.  Last year I had the best time making tiny doll clothes for both of my girls.  These are a few ideas I'm looking at for this year (and a couple I've done in the past) so I just thought I'd share them here.

bow ties/first day dress
jess brown style rag doll/pretend make up kit
photo book/painted blocks

If you're feeling a bit more ambitious here are some of my favorite home goods DIY's from around the web.  We actually really want to make that modern brass chandelier for our dining room.

color block clock/industrial table
landscape pillows/baby swing
woven pendants/modern brass chandilier

I'd love any links to any homemade Christmas presents you're working on or thinking of working on.  I can't believe it's almost Mid-December--I've got to get cracking!  


  1. Kristen4:20 PM

    I'm working on a twin quilt for my God daughter, nightgowns for my nieces, and purses for two ladies in my family! I'm having a ball using up as much of my fabric stash as I can :)

  2. A few years ago, I instituted and DIY/repurposed Christmas for our family. It was mainly to make me intentional about what I give and also to help my adult children NOT spend too much money on gifts for us. It's been tweaked some over the years, and I do buy one gift for each of the grandkids. I still make all the gifts for the adults in the family. Here are a few links for some things I've made the kids. Please pardon the awful quality of the pictures. Apparently when you switch over to Wordpress, you can't take quality with you :(