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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I Heart NY

You guys, I'm going to New York this coming weekend.  By myself.  (Read: without any kids.)

I might be excited.  Just a little.

I had been wanting to go to New York for a visit, but hadn't told anyone since I just didn't think this was the best time.  Then a friend called and invited me to come for a weekend visit.  Sometimes the Universe answers our prayers before we ask them.  Which is to say, I am very excited and very grateful for this trip.  

I love that it's not just an exciting city for me to visit but that it once was home and thus always carries that little feeling of coming home when we visit.  I can't wait to see that skyline from the plane as I remember the feeling well of flying home to NYC after a vacation and always feeling a little thrill that I lived there.  Of course four years is a really short time to live there and try to claim (and maintain--ha!) some sort of New Yorker status, but I still try.  Much like the ever rising mercury levels in the Hudson, it gets in your blood. Also, this is only the second time I've visited since we left... so really exciting!  (The first time was when Lamp was 8 months old.)

I know I'm going to do that thing where I try and soak up every second I have of me time by doing everything I enjoy at once the second I get on the plane--listening to favorite music, eating chocolate, reading a book, yada, yada, yada.  (See what I did there?  Total New Yorker.)  Except that what I've realized is that when I try to do everything, I'm actually doing nothing.  Which means I need to keep this in mind with my time in the city as well.  When I try to do and see too much, I end up spinning my wheels and getting no where fast.  Therefore I'll be spending the next couple of days parsing down my choices of places to visit and places to eat.  So far I'm thinking the MOMA, Central Park, Ft. Tryon and maybe the Highline on my must go list.  But places to eat, I have no idea!  I'm not waiting in line 2 hours for a cronut I know that much...but I'm open to suggestions!  That's the thing about NYC, it seems like there is always some new amazing place to eat, an out of this world exhibit or play, or some amazing shop... but for such a short trip I'm prone to seek out the sentimental places that are meaningful to me.  With that said, if you have any suggestions let me know--I'm all ears!  

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  1. Both my kids went to college in NYC and that got my love started. Visiting then was the gateway to month-long apt rentals. I go every summer with girlfriends and every other chance I get. I never go longer than 2 months! I just got back last night from an over nighter with my mom. We went the morning before with the plan to eat as much Japanese food as we could, buying fabric in between, and then flying home the next day. FUN, and sweet memories made. I'm going again in a few weeks with the grandkids to see Santa at Macy's. So you can see, I'm addicted. I'd say hit the nostalgia first :) Did you know that the M60 is almost express now? You could be at 125th from LGA in 20 minutes! When I'm there on a weekend, I like to hit a flea market on Saturdays. There is one 96th (the Greenflea) and is just off the 1. Then go down to Hell's Kitchen and hit the next one (same line) and finally the one in Chelsea (the Garage). All accessible by the same line, I'm pretty sure. I LOVE the Highline, keep that on you're list. I don't know if Smorgasburg is open in the winter, but I'd go there for a variety of yummies. For shopping, other than flea markets, I always go to the garment district and get inspired by the fabric, ribbon and trim. As I'm typing this, I'm washing my second load of fabric I purchased yesterday :) Also, nothing wrong with a hot dog, some street food and just sitting in Central Park. *sigh* i <3 NY!