This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Happy Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  For those of you on Instagram you saw these images last Friday, as I was spending the day finishing these costumes for our church's trunk or treat.  So glad I had that deadline instead of October 31st... otherwise this post would not be here today.  First, I sorta love but sorta don't that my girls are into their own thing and don't want to do coordinating costumes.  But mostly I love seeing their individual tastes come through.  And really, I think any girly-girl would love either costume.  

First up--the Mermaid.  When Lamp said she wanted to be a mermaid I hadn't really solidified if I was making or buying this costume.  Then on a trip to Jo-Ann's for something else, I browsed the shiny and sparkly fabric section and saw that perfect green, sequin fabric and it was over.  In no time I walked out the front door with a bag full of fabric and no idea how I was going to pull it off.  

But you guys--sometimes you gotta just say it like it is--I nailed it.  Fist bump, high five, boo-to-the-yeah... this mom nailed it.  Pretty much turned out exactly as I envisioned in my head.  And thankfully Lamp loves it too.  To be clear she didn't ask to be The Little Mermaid, but clearly someone has not gotten over her 8th grade love for all things Ariel and when I heard 'mermaid' my mind automatically put "the" and "little" in here we are.  

Quilted and ruffled fin?  Check.
Sparkley, scale-like sequins?  Check.
Appliqued sea shell top?  Check.

My only regret?  That I didn't buy enough fabric to make a matching mermaid costume for myself.

Next, my poodle skirt wearing 1950's girl.  This costume was much less difficult as the only item made was the actual skirt, using a 3/4 circle skirt tutorial, some white ric-rac and a poodle patch.  I purchased the petticoat from amazon, but everything else we had on hand.  Now here's the great thing about PSP...when she decides on a costume, girlfriend decides on a costume.  She told me 2 years ago that she wanted "to be a girl scout this Halloween and a poodle skirt girl the Halloween after that."   That is called commitment my friends.  Also, those cat eye glasses were my moms first pair of glasses ever.

I know it's not a great idea to use your children as a means of fulfilling your own unfulfilled dreams, buuuuuuut, I think in the area of Halloween costumes this might be OK.  Because while these were definitely their ideas, there was also a childhood Miggy who would have loved to be a mermaid or poodle skirt girl, but never would have had the chutzpah to ask.  Did I think it would have been too much and the answer would be no?  I honestly don't know... but I know little me would have loved these costumes.  So yes I made them for my girls, but I also made them for 4 year old me and 7 year old me.

Oh and what about baby Zuzu?  I took an instagram poll yesterday whether to recycle Lamp's old flapper girl dress or PSP's skunk costume.

It wasn't even close.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


  1. You rocked the mermaid costume! Truly! I am in awe! The ruffly touches take it from really good to great.

    1. Jillbert--Thanks! And I agree--it's the details that count. I feel like that goes for SO many things.

  2. Wow! What lucky little girls to have such a talented Mom, all three costumes are simply amazing!

    1. Goodmom42--Thank you. Of course the Skunk is from the Children's place forever ago...just to be clear. And while I don't make their costumes every year, it's really great when my creative side and motherhood collide. Sometimes I feel like I'm lacking in so many other areas--as we all do I'm sure--so even though it's not the most important thing ever, making a cool Halloween costume from time to time is one of the ways I tell my kids I love them. It may not be someone else's thing, but I guarantee that mom "nails it" in areas I don't. Anyway...thanks again.

  3. I might be jaded, but when I see families with coordinating costumes, I assume the kids were coerced. Picking out and executing the costume is 95% the fun of Halloween! I can't imagine that many kids would willingly forgo that part to play along with a cutesy idea their mom had. I'm willing to eat my hat on this one, if I were to learn that some families or siblings sincerely do enjoy coordinating costume ideas, but my kids would never ever go for that, and I wouldn't want them to!

    your girls are adorable. that mermaid costume is first rate. I imagine it will get a lot of dress-up play mileage, too. so fun!

    (also a snail mail thank you coming your way! I am poky correspondent.)

  4. I love both costumes, my 4 year old daughter loves the mermaid outfit

  5. that mermaid costume is such a dream. rock on.

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