This Little Miggy Stayed Home: DIY Halloween Wall Art

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Halloween Wall Art

You guys, this is a super easy, last minute Halloween decoration you can whip up before the kids get home from school and they will think it's so cool you painted on the walls.  That's exactly what my kids (and husband) thought when they walked in last week to see my spooky wall mural.  To be honest I was originally going to do this on the driveway but it just kept raining, that's when I had the idea to try it on the walls and I think it turned out great!  And the paint is only 2 ingredients that you probably definitely have on hand.

Corn Starch
paint brushes

You've probably seen this sidewalk paint on Pinterest.  It's the same thing, but with a dark wall I omitted the food coloring and just used corn starch and water for a pure white.  I think this white color would work on lighter wall colors as well--it would just be more subtle.  Now if you wan to try this on a white or light colored wall and use food coloring to color the corn starch mixture, then please for the love, test it on a small patch in the back of your least accessible closet or something and let it sit for a few days.  I have no idea if food coloring will stain white wall paint.  So use at your own risk!

Here we go!
Step 1.  Mix equal parts corn starch and water (I used 1/2 cup of each and it was plenty)
Step 2.   Paint on wall.

As you can see it goes on almost clear but then dries to a chalky white.  Also, keep mixing the water and corn starch as the corn starch will continue to settle to the bottom throughout the painting process.

The thing that makes corn starch paint so challenging to work with is also what makes it great for doing a Halloween wall--it drips!  And drips and drips.  Perfect right?  Even though it really adds to the spooky Halloween feel I still wanted fewer drips.  To minimize drips make sure to wipe the excess off your brush before painting, and if it's still too drippy after that just wait for the paint to dry and then wipe away with a wet rag.  Easy!  Also you'll get drips on your floor, but no worries.  This is so easy to clean up with just water and a rag.

My last tip, is to stick to large, easy shapes.  Trying to get too detailed with this will probably end in frustration.  Ghosts, tree branches, boooo, and a full moon.  Easy peasy.  Also you might try a wall full of bats, or just a bunch of Halloween words like Booo, Eeek, Trick or Treat and Spooky.

Other benefits:  Non-toxic and gluten free!  I love working with crafty stuff that I know won't hurt the kids when they inevitably lick the walls or smear the paint.  This would also be fun for bigger kids to do, but I'd put down a drop cloth to avoid big messes.  Clean up is super easy as well.  Just spray with a water bottle and wipe.

Happy Halloween!  

If anyone tries it out be sure to put it on instagram and tag me in your picture--I'd love to see!  


  1. I did this this afternoon! So cute! I posted a pic on Instagram and tagged you in the description, but then realized my account is private so I'm not sure if you can see it...? But anyway, thanks for the idea! My kiddos love it!

  2. I think I might have to try this!! It might also do well for a Christmas snow scene!

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