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Monday, October 06, 2014

Art Sale

Hey guys.  So I'm finally listing these paintings for sale today through both my blog and Instagram.  Here's how it will work.  If you see a painting you want to buy send me an email at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com with the number of the painting in the subject line, your email address (to send a paypal invoice) and your zip code (so I can include a rough calculation of shipping).  Once I send an invoice you have 1 hour to pay, if I don't receive payment I'll relist the painting.  First come first serve.

The prices I'm selling these at are very reasonable and vary from piece to piece based on size and quality.  Some of these are student pieces that I consider lower quality than other pieces, so even though some of the paintings might be smaller, if they're some of my better and more recent work, the price will be higher.  Additionally, some of the paintings might have little knicks or scratches--again will be reflected in the price and being sold as is.  All paintings listed here are oil and I will specify either canvas, panel (wood) or paper for the backing material along with the dimensions.  Some of these are super hard to part with, so please give them a good home.  I am also working on getting some prints made of some of my pieces featured in this post too--so stay tuned for that as well.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Again, don't purchase in the comments section send me an email!


 #1.  $40 + shipping. Oil on Panel.  approx. 24"x24"
Cup study

#2  $40+ shipping.  Oil on panel.  approx 24"X24"
Cup study

#3.  $40 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  approx. 24"x24"
Cup Study

#4.  $150 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  16"x12" (also framed, ready to hang)
Laie Skyline

#5.  $200 + shipping.  Oil on canvas.  15'X22"

#6.  $150+ shipping.  Oil on panel.  16"X12"
Big Island Sunset series

#7.  $40 + shipping.  Oil on Paper.  Image is 8"x11", paper size is 14"x18.5"

#8.  $150 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  16" x 12"

 #9.  $80 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  8"x12"
Nebraska series

#10.  $100 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  16"x14"

#11.  $100 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  16"x10"

#12  $200 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  24"x17.5"  (includes simple wood frame, ready to hang)
Laie Skyline series

#13.  $80 + shipping.  Oil on panel.  8"X12"

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