This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Stretched Thin

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stretched Thin

I have never been so busy in my life.

One of the biggest transitions to our new life in Cincinnati has been adjusting to B's new work schedule.  In San Antonio B used to get home from work at 4:30 everyday.  At the latest.  Often times walking in the door around 4.  How dreamy is that?  And while his hours are still pretty reasonable they're later--some days much later.  

The mornings are a race to get PSP off to school and I spend the rest of my day bouncing back and forth between Zuzu and Lamp.  Like, all day.  Not to mention keeping up with housework, unpacking, decorating, planning, blogging and painting.  And I do pretty well I think.

Until about 5:00.  Then it's like someone is pulling on little strings attached to the top of my head and the bottom of my feet, stretching and pulling my sanity to the very limits.

I've gotta make dinner.  Pulling.

Zuzu is crying.  Pulling.

Lamp wants to go outside.  Pulling.

Lamp wants to come inside.  Pulling.

Kids are hungry.  Pulling.

Zuzu needs a diaper change.  Pulling.

The girls are arguing.  Pulling.

We're hungry!  What are we having for dinner!  More pulling...

Until I either snap--which by the way, I think the definition of a hypocrite is hearing yourself yell, Stop yelling!!-- or the husband eventually comes walking through the door saving us all from certain destruction.  Once the kids are in bed I'm crouched in a corner self-medicating with 1-2 bowls of ice cream and mindless TV.  I don't even try to go to bed early because Zuzu will wake around 11... so what's the point?

And that's my day.  Anyone relate?  

Additionally I have so many projects for the blog, for the home, for the family or for me that I am DYING to get to but there is just no time.  Lamp will start school in a couple weeks and I'm hoping that will help me find a little breathing room.

That being said, we are really enjoying our new home and this new chapter in our lives.  3 kids.  A baby who is almost crawling.  A husband finally in the thick of his career.  A home we really love.  It's like when you work out and hurt afterword, but it's a good hurt because you know your body was working hard, being productive and that it will all pay off in the end.  It's like that.

My offering this Friday is 3 of my favorite pictures featuring my 3 favorite kids from the past couple weeks.  Top is baby Zuzu (on my old, new-to-us Persian rug... thankyoucraigslist) so very close to crawling.  So close!  My third baby, but my first crawler... can you believe it?  You guys, she is a doll.
Miss PSP and I at the Cincinnati Museum center a week ago for the final weekend of the Princess Diana exhibit.  This was the last stop on an 11 year tour before all the goods head back to the UK.  So glad we saw it on the second to the last day of the exhibit!  Seeing her wedding dress, among other real princess artifacts was actually very cool.

Lastly Lamp finally got her own big girl bed last week and she loves it.  We LOVE it.  A toddler sized Jenny Lind from the Land of Nod.  I've had the idea of matching Jenny Lind's for my girls for a while now... so happy to see this in real life.  It's the perfect size.  A bed she can get in of and out of all by herself.  This is a huge win.  Thanks Land of Nod.

I shared these pics on instagram--feel free to follow me at thislittlemiggy.

Thanks for the love and support you guys always give me.
More spotlights to come soon I promise.



  1. Oh Miggy, I feel your pain! Last year I kept telling my husband that it was the busiest I had ever been. This year we are adding in four hours of commuting a day with my three-year-old (as we take older siblings to school). Throw in NYC twist with the alternate side parking or dealing with the subways, communal laundry rooms where you can't ever truly plan when laundry will get done, and shopping where you can't drive to and from or park in a garage to unload and I almost can't breathe. Glad you are finding the silver lining to your life. Love the blog!

  2. sooo there with ya on the pulling stretching thing. I feel it

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    When they're all in school, it gets easier! But then you throw in the after-school activities and the evenings are the nightmare! I leave my office every day at 3:30, to start my "real" work, racing home to meet the bus, hustling kids to soccer, gymnastics, soccer, squeezing in homework, and some type of dinner that doesn't contain the words "hot dogs". :)