This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Back To School Outfit Guide

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back To School Outfit Guide

Moving across the country will certainly take a chunk out of your summer.  There was very little swimming pool-ing, Popsicle-ing and backyard sprinkler-ing this year.  No complaints though, it is what it is and we still managed to have some good times.  For some reason hiking the Y in Provo, Utah seems to be at the top of our girls awesome stuff we did this summer list.  In fact our visit to BYU in general was a favorite, as the girls played "college" a few times in recent weeks pretending the garage is their dorm room, the driveway with chalk drawings is of course the art museum, and they even have a spot for the creamery--pretty much a summary of my college experience right there.  I didn't really write about it, but posted some Utah pics here.  

Anyway, school started last week actually and we are ready!  One of the big changes for us this year is that PSP is going to a school that does not require uniforms, as she has worn them for the past 2 years.  

Yay!  And Boo!  

Initially I was not a fan of the uniform thing, but over the past couple of years I came to appreciate that having a uniform makes for a much more streamlined morning, as picking an outfit can arguably be one of the biggest time-eaters in the morning rush.  However, I know I enjoy a cute outfit as much as the next girl and so I'm excited for PSP to have this little bit of self-expression back in her life.  Additionally PSP is at that age where she's still figuring out what looks good together, what doesn't and why.  To help make this transition a little easier I suggested taking some pictures of cute outfits and then printing them out--either as separate photos or an inexpensive photo book--so she could have a little reference guide for outfits.  She loved the idea!  And as you're about to see, she got really into the picture taking and is quite the little model.  I'll put some outfit sources where applicable, but a lot of these pieces are things she's had for years mixed with a few new additions.  Here are some of our favorites photos.  

This was her actual first day of school outfit.  
Shift and capri leggings both J.Crew.  I got all J.crew items during their additional 40% off sale--it pays to sign up for emails from your favorite stores to cash in on the good deals.  Also, PSP is tall for her age and I've found that a lot of dresses in her size are just too short, but they make great tunics with leggings or layered over cuffed jeans.  

I also wanted to show her how she could take a simple sun dress like this and add a sweater for easy layering options that change the look of the outfit, but also give a little warmth to chilly classrooms. 

Sundress J. Crew, sweater Old Navy, gold Saltwater Sandals

PSP loved this little football style T from J. Crew with the gold on the sleeves... rather tomboy princess I think.  Also, another lesson in taking a cute t-shirt and jeans...

                                                               + one lace undershirt...

                                                = Jumping for joy for cute outfit combos!   
 Football T J.Crew, Jeans Gap  Again PSP is tall and thin, a hard combo when it comes to buying jeans.  I am currently LOVING The Gap "slim" fit.  It's not the style, it's the if you get a "super skinny" style, you can order in regular or slim, much like you would petit or tall clothing for adults.  I'm SO happy I recently discovered this because I'm not kidding when I say I haven't found a pair of jeans in years that fit her in both the length and waist.  Thanks Gap!  

Old (but still cute) sweatshirt from Old Navy, Jeans The Gap

I also talked about making little changes like cuffing the bottoms of jeans for a slightly different look.
Old (but still cute) T from J.Crew, Jeans Gap

I had to include two photos of the same outfit because they're both so awesome.  Little model I tell ya... Anyway, these outfits are all from clothes she already had but in a new combo she hasn't tried before.  I love the look of layered tights with shorts/skirts for an alternate chilly weather look.  I can't tell you how excited I am for Fall this year!  I still miss you plenty San Antonio, but a real Fall is something I've been craving for years.  

And here we have the same outfit, but just swapped out the shorts for a skirt.  I love doing this with a look I love, but to add a little variety.  

You can never go wrong with jeans and a cute T, layered with a tank for a little variety.  
T Henry and Flora, Tank The Gap, Jeans The Gap

Honestly, I've been wanting to do this for myself for years and after this I think I might.  PSP enjoyed the process and will hopefully enjoy having the final result.  I haven't yet printed out a book as I still want to do more outfits--most likely just ones I put together on her floor and take pictures of.  And if you think Lamp was going to be left out of the fun stay tuned... we did an back to school photoshoot for her too and ...well it's pretty great.  

I'm all for PSP having her own style, but honestly kids just need a little help this age figuring out what looks good and what doesn't.  I think seeing some pictures will also help her figure out her own outfits as well.  Also, and probably most importantly, I hope this really reduces the "what am I going to wear?" & "What are you wearing?" drama in the morning.  Anyone else ever do anything like this?  Anyone else besides Cher from Clueless that is...


  1. Such a cute idea. She is adorable. Working the before and after school program, I would sometimes wonder when kids came to school. Yes, they need a little help. Enjoy the fall. I live a couple hours north of you and I love the weather. Must say last week wasn't my favorite, hah.

    1. Yes last week was not my favorite...but the fall is worth it right?

  2. You are one smart cookie! This is one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a long time and would have made my life so much easier both as a little girl and when my girls were little. I'm showing this to my daughter to help with both granddaughter and grandson. My grandson came over the other day wearing a multi strip shirt and plaid shorts. I smiled and told him that was an interesting combo, to which he replied that they both have blue in them. He's 7. Thank you for this wonderful tip. I can see this being 'Pinterest' hit.

    1. Herdog--Well thank you...I'm not joking in wanting to do this for myself. Sometimes I have a great outfit and a week or two later think, "what was that amazing ensemble I put together again?" :) Either that or I get stuck in a t-shirt/jeans rut. Although I love a good T and jeans combo...

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Love this. My daughter is also very tall and thin. I discovered the gap slim fit/ slim waist jeans but where did you get the tights? I find that they either too short or else they fit in the length and are too big in the waist and constantly slip down.

    1. Anon--So these are actually footless tights/leggings and I believe I got them at Nordstrom a while ago...Tatum and Tate is the brand maybe? Yes rights are another toughie. :)

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Thanks. She refused to wear footless tights last year but I should maybe give it another go this fall!

  4. Fabulous! And what a "super model" PSP is becoming... She's a natural!
    And the Charlie's Angle pose... Well dig up some old photos Darling... The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?

  5. Too cute! She was so little when I started reading your blog!!!!!