This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Back To School Outfit Guide: Lamp

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To School Outfit Guide: Lamp

Of course when Lampy saw big sister doing a back to school photo shoot, she insisted on having one as well.  I was happy to oblige.  Since I still play a major role in helping Lamp get dressed in the morning (although she's becoming more independent on this front) and choosing the outfits, this photo shoot was mostly just for fun--meaning I won't be printing this out in a book for a reference like I will for PSP.  Lamp is definitely more opinionated these days on what she wants to wear, with what accessories and when.  It's taken a little time to learn what works and doesn't work with Lamp's body type, but now it's pretty easy to find the pieces what work for her. Bubble shorts or bloomer style shorts are a staple as are leggings.  Shirts are pretty easy as long as they're tank tops or short sleeves.  The one thing that can and will get tricky is finding appropriate cold weather wear--for the record if I see a vest, short-sleeve sweater or short sleeve jacket you bet your bottom dollar I'm snatching that up and buying it in multiple sizes.  Anyway, Lamp isn't really a fan of outerwear, so I took this opportunity to style her outfits with little vests and jackets in an effort to help her embrace them, both for fashion and function.  Having lived in San Antonio most of her life girlfriend is gonna need to actually bundle up this winter!  Without further ado, here is Lamp's Back to School Outfit guide.  

Hand me down flower shorts, with a sweet butterfly T from Old Navy that was on clearance.  
Moccs in Blush from Freshly Picked and a purple tiara she picked out herself.  

Looking Biker Chic in all black with H&M leggings and H&M Skull T and silver Moccs from Freshly Picked.   

Adding a denim vest from Target for a little variation... clearly she's not sure about this.  

H&M Leggings, Heart Tank Top from Target and Hot Pink Moccs from Freshly Picked.  

Too cool for school. (Sign courtesy of PSP)

Adding a little jacket from the Gap, swapping out Moccs and it looks like she's still feeling fancy!

Top Old Navy clearance, and some of our favorite demin bubble shorts from Target with large polka dots (similar to these, but no polkadots), moccs from Freshly Picked.  

Lamp loves, loves, loves this hot pink lace peplum top (that's more of a dress on her  :))  from Target,  again with the denim vest and moccs from Freshly Picked.

Lastly, Lamp showing off her signature sass with denim puffy vest from Target, H&M leggings and her golden ballet slippers.  

Welp...that's a wrap folks.
Thanks for checking out our Back to School Outfit Guide!


  1. Lamp makes me want to wear more vests! She is seriously rocking them!

    1. Lets just hope she wears them this fall/winter when they're actually needed!

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I have enjoyed both of your daughters in the back to school fashion show, tell them job well done!

  3. As someone who is trying to find her style as a stay at home mom after working for 10 years, I feel like I should do this for myself! Love both photo shoots. Your girls are awesome!

  4. Cutest. Post. Ever. Ahhhh I miss that girls sass, work it grrrl

  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hi, I am ten years old and I read your blog all the time because I LOVE LAMP! I want a little sister so much, but I have only two little brothers. These are the most amazing photos of Lamp ever!! PSP's is special too. How about a baby Zuzu fashion show?

  6. Anonymous10:34 PM

    So fantastic!

    Laura from San Antonio

  7. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Have you tried a fleece vest for outerwear? My little refuses to take his supersoft, awesomely colorful LLBean vest off for most of the winter. Lightweight, soft, and warm, perhaps Lamp would be okay with something like it?

  8. Oh my goodness!! so so cute!!