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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Last weekend we ventured to over to the City Flea--a lovely little once-a-month market in a great new-to-us park in an up-and-coming part of town.  With that many hyphens you know it has to be awesome.  And it was.  We walked among the local vendors checking out the wares and whatnot.  And a funny little side story:  As we're walking around doing our thing, some guy gave Lamp a double-take in her power chair and quickly assess that there's no way she was operating that thing by herself.  Obviously she was rolling away uncontrollably and she needed his help pronto!  He jumped into action grabbing the back of her chair trying to stop her.  Only it didn't stop her in the slightest, didn't even slow her down.  I'm telling you that chair is a monster.  We kept saying, She's ok...she's ok....SHE'S OK!  Until it finally registered.  Oh, she's OK.  And he let go while his buddy stood back laughing.  Oh good least he was trying to be helpful.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the beautiful wares--sometimes you tend to see the same stuff at these things, but there were some really beautiful, original goods.  Then we landed at a booth where some t-shirts that caught our eye.  Good design, soft shirts... but mostly the message:

Home.  With the state of Ohio as the "o".

We're still in the transition phase, but I've been surprised how good this move has felt so far.  And honestly, I'm not sure why...I fully expected there to be more uneasiness, even downright sadness.  But I feel good...we feel good.  Our new home, our actual house, feels like an oasis with the large lot and roomy interior.  It's not huge, but we have ample closet space, a garage, a basement for storage and enough space to spread out a bit which feels good.  Driving around town feels good too as I remember why I liked this city in the first place saying things like, It's so green! and I love these old houses.  And this City Flea was a good reminder that while there are plenty of familiar streets and neighborhoods, there is still so much for us to explore.

In a conscious decision to embrace this new life we ponied up and bought us some new t-shirts officially declaring Ohio our new home.    

It's a fitting reminder that as a family one of our favorite songs to play guitar and sing together is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Home, let me come home.
Home is wherever I'm with you.
Our home, yes I am home.
Home is when I'm alone with you.

The one thing thing I can't seem to figure out is what is Ohio's identity?  When I was thinking about the other places I've lived it seems like one thing that sort of endears people to those places is their overall identity.  Utah and Colorado are both known for their mountains and outdoorsy lifestyles, Hawaii for it's beaches, surf culture and laid back lifestyle.  Even Texas is known for people who love their state, southern hospitality, cowboy culture, heat, etc.  Any local Ohio peeps want to chime in about what Ohio is known for?  Also, do you think having that sense of identity--whether you relate to it or not--helps build a sense pride for where you live?  


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I'm a bit north of you, in Cleveland. First, i wanted to mention that Ohio has some fantastic adaptive sports (google gateway to gold cleveland for what I did this past weekend!). You should definitely look into getting Lamp involved! I really think that Ohio is one of those states whose identity is about being a survivor. We have come through some really hard times, economically and socially, and our cities are starting to thrive again. Ohio is a hidden gem. There is so much going on but most people dismiss it. We don't have one central unifying thing, because our state has so much going on. But thats just my thoughts :)

    1. Yochana8--Interesting! I think that's a great trait to have--the ability to bounce back. And I agree...I think Ohio is a hidden gem as well. And I like that there's just too much going on to have one unifying thing...perhaps I should have asked about cities specifically. Cincinnati vs. Cleveland? :)

    2. Anonymous11:09 PM

      hmm i don't know. i've only been to cincinnati once and it was as part of a school trip on our way to snake mound, so i don't think i could really compare the two. guess i'll just have to go visit!
      although, i do think that northern and southern ohio are very different places, at least socioeconomically. northern ohio (especially the urban areas) is very blue, and southern is definitely more red, although i'm not sure that Cincy is included in that.

    3. Anonymous11:10 PM

      oh, have you seen the hastily made cleveland tourism videos? they're fantastic:

  2. I'm from Ohio and all I can think of is farming and football.
    This is cute, and true:

  3. BMarie82--Ha! That's what I think about with Nebraska...well and good, down to earth people. I think these middle states are going to start attracting more attention in the years to come for all their cool, off-the-beaten path ways. And I like the link..didn't know 8 presidents are from Ohio!

  4. I think the computer ate my first comment. Whoops! Trying again. I don't know, but I will ask my Ohio-born boyfriend when he gets home from work! I love those shirts! VERY cute. I was hoping the website would have some of their venders listed but alas, they do not.

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    As a former West Virginian, we think of Ohio for it's speed traps.

  6. As a born and raised columbus girl I woild say the Buckeyes and ice cream :)

  7. It's a new start. Those are always great!

  8. They used to call Ohio "The heart of it All"... And I have found that to be true. If there isn't something fun and new to do with the family in our state, then it can be found in a state near us. My family is always up for road trips, and our location is great for setting out to anywhere. We live in a small town halfway between Cleveland and Columbus! and I love that we have lots of choices for places to go.

  9. I really like that tee shirt and I like that you've found a place to call home too.
    Did you see that I wrote about my disability prejudice after I was inspired and empowered by you? Thank you :)