This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Prepping for Alt

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prepping for Alt

Here's how I decided to go to Alt Summit.

So it turns out that when we're in the middle of moving across the country and stopping in Utah to see family and friends, Alt will be happening at the same time... maybe I should go?  Yeaaaaah, I should totally go.  

OK there was more consideration than that, but I just sorta jumped in with both feet not really knowing what to expect.  Sure I know Alt is a big deal--to begin with it's not cheap--but now that I've signed up and have received invitations for dinner, and garden parties and the Alt FB group I'm realizing that this is a little bigger than I thought.  Sorta like that one time I was invited to a "dress up" party and showed up in head to toe Goth gear thinking my friend was going to die laughing at my costume choice, only when we got there we realized Ohhhhh we were supposed to "dress up" nicely.  In nice, cute clothes.  Like everyone else who is staring at my and my boyfriend  right now.  

As it turns out there is a lot to consider in preparation for Alt.  For one, fashion.  Lots of these gals plan out their outfits well in advance even offering helpful outfit planning guides you can download for free.  Please understand I'm not knocking those guides!  They're awesome!  And it's likely that if I were going to Alt under different circumstances I would be using one of them handy-dandy guides and planning my outfits to the T.  But as of right now, this is what my packing for Alt situation looks like:

Hi cute baby!

Thankfully a lot of bloggers have been helpful in writing about their Alt experiences, what to expect, how to prepare etc.  And while I just don't have the time to worry too much about wardrobe, having the awesomest business cards, and so forth I'm so grateful for all this wonderful advice to help me avoid another goth-girl-at-the-fancy-party situation. 

Additionally these helpful posts and kind words from more experienced, professional bloggers eases my mind about going to Alt as a somewhat small fish in a big pond.  There is definitely a feeling of support and encouragement for one another--so great!  I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about meeting new people for the first time in quite a while and how easy it was for me to feel intimidated thus creating a desire to be judgmental in return as a (terrible) coping strategy.  I'm being a little hard on myself because I got over my insecurities and settled into easy conversation rather quickly.  And I had a lovely time making some new connections and discovering that I had a lot in common with these women.  I think that experience was a  great prep for Alt.   To be honest I'm not sure what a "round table" and a "break out session" are,  I'm still working on my 30 second elevator pitch, my business cards came back looking jan-key and for the love why don't I own any pastel colors for the one party with a theme?   

Yes, I'm about to dive into the deep end of the creative/amazing/talented blogging pool that is Alt,  and once again I have that I'm a little in over my head and out of my element feeling... but it feels great.  It's like my girl Jillian tells me during my morning workouts, Don't be afraid to get uncomfortable.  Getting uncomfortable is where change occurs.  I'm sure it could be (will be?) easy for me to feel uncomfortable at times but the good news is I'm more excited than nervous.  Thanks in part to the supportive vibe, helpful links and the excitement of the event itself!   I've questioned whether or not this is a great time, what with the moving across the country and a 5 month old baby in tow, part...but I am ready to get uncomfortable.  

Any readers going to Alt?  Anyone ever jump into a commitment before fully grasping what the magnitude of said commitment?  Anyone else getting "in over their head" in a good way lately?  Also, in case you need it here are my two favorite links for prepping for Alt:  Networking at Alt and 21 Tips For Alt Summit.


  1. I just saw your Alt post on Facebook, so HAD to bounce over to your blog to say hi! I'm going too, and though I'm in way over my head - I'm sooo excited and I don't care two bits. Talk about a small fish in a big pond - I don't even HAVE a blog yet! I've spent the past 4 days working like crazy to build my own website so I at least have SOMETHING! And I better get it done in time, because I put it on my biz cards. :) I too am a mom of a girl with special needs. The first three years with her were intense. She had a whole bunch of surgeries, swallow studies, sleep studies, PT, OT, this that and everything else. For years we averaged 4 - 9 appts a week!! Many included loong drives to Boston for her care. She's smart, funny, and completely appropriately 7-year-old sassy. My life was completely devoted to her, and her care, and it's only been recently that I've started to do something for ME! And it feels good. And I can't wait for Alt!! I hope we get a chance to meet! And share stories about our wonder-kids :) Stasia

    1. Stasia--Please don't take my silence as disinterest! We've been moving and on the road and finally I have a chance to breathe. Anyway, I can't wait to meet you and talk about any and everything. And I'm SO glad you're finally getting a little time for you--we had some intense times as well, but not a full 3 years. Good job mama!

  2. Like anything else in life, just embrace every moment you are given—whether you're at Alt, or mothering your sweet daughters, or moving your family across the country! Don't worry one little bit, you'll be as awesome as you always are! :)