This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 5 Months

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Months

 Just some quick iPhone pics of my Zuzu in this cute little vintage number I bought shortly after finding out we were having a 3rd girl.  I think she's going to have to wear it every day until she outgrows it.

Dear Zuzu,

Hello you scrumptious baby.  You are 5 months old and my goodness, time's a flyin'.  First I want to tell an amazing little story before my memory fades of this semi-epic event.  2 days ago, you were laying on your playmat playing with the soft toys dangling from above, while your dad and I were tending to things around the house.  As I walked past you I said, Hiiiiiii in a singsongy, motherly way.  Then clear as day you said, Hi!  Your dad and I looked at each other like did you just hear that?  And we started laughing and mildly freaking out.  Of course we said Hi about 1000 more times to see if you'd do it again, but so far it's just a one time thing.  But let the record state that at 5 months old you said Hi to your mother after she said Hi to you.  Swear on my blog.  Thankfully your dad was there to corroborate this story.  (However part of the reason I'm writing this right now is because he has such a terrible memory--bless his heart--and should I ever need to review the facts, I have them right here).

You continue to be our sweetest, most easy going baby yet.  Our wonder babe.  I can't tell you how often you stop me dead in my tracks.  I teach a class in church and have been known to stop mid-sentance to smile and coo at you because you happened to cross my eyes.  I really can't help it.  You are a delight.  And often you see me from across the room and follow my face until our eyes meet at which point you smile that beautiful, gummy baby smile and I am forced to drop whatever I'm doing to come give you my love and attention.  You're a magnet and I'm just a helpless little paperclip drawn into your magnetic pull.  Oh well.  Don't mind, don't care. 

You're starting to figure some things out--you know besides the English language.  You're rolling over to your side quite a bit, even a couple times all the way from back to front.  I think you're our first child to actually figure out how to bounce yourself in the bouncy chair--kudos!  Also--this is even more adorable--see you still sleep in your carseat and just in the past couple of days you've figured out how to rock yourself in your carseat by kicking your legs.  In fact, last night just as you were about to nod off to sleep you started kicking those legs and rocking back and forth, back and forth.  This happened a few times until your dad finally went in and put a shoe in front and a shoe in back of your seat so it no longer rocked.  Sorry to ruin your fun, but you're learning early how to delay that bedtime.  And if there's one thing we don't stand for missy, it's little girls who delay their bedtimes.

And while I know we're not supposed to focus on looks, lets face it.  You're beautiful.  You are.  Seriously.  Those big brown eyes, those plump lil' cheeks and that delicate dimpled chin.... I die.

I've wondered a few times why my 3rd (and quite possibly last) baby is our delightful, easy and mild mannered baby.  I mean if you had come first it's likely I would have had 5 more babies by now.  The words that comes to mind again and again is gift.  You are a gift.  Now of course I don't want to be misunderstood, all my children are gifts.  Definitely.  But assuming that you were always meant to be in our family, you could have come at another time... but you came last.  And that feels right.

I am so grateful for you sweet baby.  
Happy 5 months.



  1. Love this post! She is such a gorgeous little angel baby, especially in that precious outfit <3

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    She just might be the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! Hope my two kids don't read this!

  3. Just found this...two amazing dancers with limbs missing who worked for a year to create this masterpiece:

    Their story:

  4. That is one gorgeous baby! Congratulations! My 1st and only baby ( who will be my last because we are so old) is so sweet natured and happy and a champion sleeper and has been calm and content from birth. He makes me feel lucky all the time. You are so lucky to have 3 beautiful girls and I love reading about how much you adore them. We always say that our son is a gift in our lives too. He really is our Treasure. xxx